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Account Suspension: Why Can't I Get in? – If the Casino Account is Blocked!

Account Suspension

Account blocking: Suddenly nothing works anymore – the player account in the non GamStop casino is blocked, login is not possible. What could have happened? And how can this be repaired? We give a few answers here.

"Your account has been suspended, please contact customer support" – such or similar messages do not bode well. In many cases, users of non GamStop casinos are even completely surprised when they try to sign up and then nothing works. Players are not always to blame for the suspension of the account. But what actually happens to the credit?

For What Reasons Can My Non GamStop Casino Account Be Blocked?

There are often - but not always - good reasons why a player account is suddenly blocked. Often, when trying to log in, a corresponding message is displayed or there is an e-mail from the casino operator. Sometimes, however, "only" the login with username and password does not work.



What can be the reasons for such account suspension? All options are usually listed in the general terms and conditions of the non GamStop casinos and it should also be well explained at that point under which conditions a blocking takes place.

As a rule, the account closure serves either to protect the casino or the game library or that of the individual or all players. Some are limited in time, but others have to be unlocked first. We give an overview.



Suspicion of Attempted Fraud in non GamStop Casinos

One of the main reasons why casinos not on GamStop ban players' accounts is that they suspect attempted cheating.

Note that we did not say an attempt to cheat, but only an attempt to suspect. To avoid this risk, casinos not on GamStop require players to open only one account per household and IP address.

This way the player cannot abuse the bonuses or put pressure on the casino servers. However, some cases of suspicion are minor, and can be easily addressed by contacting the customer service of a casino without GamStop.

For example, a player may attempt to withdraw bonus credits to their bank account, an indirect link to other accounts, similarity of names, and other cases as well. Also note that the use of a commercial banking method is strictly prohibited in casinos without a GameStop, even if you own it completely.

Deliberate Fraud in Non GamStop Casinos

Many casinos not on GamStop hedge against seasoned gamblers and gaming systems. You can find this clearly stated in all casinos. All gambling sites don't like players who make their living from gaming, although Las Vegas casinos do!

Deliberate fraud also includes a ban on 'low stakes' bets or specific betting strategies such as the martingale system and reverse martingale systems.

You should not test the casino's ability to catch you simply because all these things are monitored and evaluated by automated procedures.

Consequences of Deliberate Fraud in Non GamStop Casinos

The consequences of applying any of the intentional scams range from a withdrawal of earnings to a warning of a complete account suspension. Therefore, if you know anyone who intends to choose a casino not on GamStop to carry out their cheating tricks, you should warn them of serious consequences

Password or User ID Incorrect

The classic without any evil intent is, of course, that you have entered the wrong password or the wrong user ID. The standard is three attempts - as with the ATM - to enter the correct access data. Of course, something can go wrong because of all the passwords that you use in a variety of places.

In most cases, after the third failed attempt, the account is at least temporarily blocked. Under certain circumstances, however, you may also have to have the account unlocked again. More on that below.

Actually, you should neither write down passwords nor use password storage tools if you attach great importance to data protection. The small black book can still be helpful with many passwords - if it is kept well closed. Secure passwords consist of combinations of numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters – but have the disadvantage that you often simply cannot remember them.

The account closure after incorrect entry of the access data serves to protect the players. Thus, hack attempts can be at least somewhat curbed by trial and error or by automatic input algorithms.

Spam Suspicion, Hacking, Phishing, DoS Attacks at Non GamStop Casinos

Whose account is suspected of spreading spam, giving the impression of having been hacked or that the IP address appears in connection with denial of service or other digital attacks (viruses, worms, etc.), whose account is likely to be permanently blocked.

The Player Entered False ID Info at Non GamStop Casinos

At the latest when it comes to cashing out a profit, the identity data must usually be verified. In some casinos not on GamStop, the identity is checked before the first deposit. However, this is not the rule. If there is a difference during the examination between those stated during signup and those in the identity card, for example, it may be that the casino blocks the account.

If it is an easily enlightened tipster in the "hustle and bustle", it should not be a problem to have the account unlocked again.

It is worse if incorrect data has been intentionally provided. Then usually not only the player account is blocked, but certainly also the earned profit is gone.

Incorrect information often concerns age. Gambling at non GamStop casinos is – by law – not allowed for minors. The terms and conditions of the casinos therefore usually stipulate that all actions taken by minors are considered void, all winnings expire and bets are repaid. In foreign online casinos, the minimum age may be 21 instead of 18.


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