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U.S. Travel Welcomes Poland's Admission to the Visa Waiver Program

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U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement on the announcement that Poland is formally on track for admission to the Visa Waiver Program:

"The American travel community looks forward to welcoming Poland as the 39th partner nation in the Visa Waiver Program, with all the benefits both our countries will enjoy as a result.

"The VWP remains the gold standard for innovative travel and security policymaking, paying enormous dividends both for our economy by giving travelers access to the United States, and for security by thoroughly pre-vetting them before they reach our shores. Poland has long been a strong candidate for inclusion in the VWP because it is such a key U.S. partner on both the economic and security fronts.



"In every case, we have seen inclusion in the VWP immediately boost visitation from the new member country, and with the great rapport and strong cultural ties between the U.S. and Poland we have little doubt that history will repeat itself here. We hope the VWP can be expanded to other qualified countries as well, and encourage potential members to take steps to meet the security requirements of the program.

"We thank and congratulate the Trump administration for its longstanding embrace of the VWP as a powerful tool for bolstering strong strategic relationships between the U.S. and its allies, and we welcome Poland to the VWP fold."




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