Discover the Magic of Brussels at the 35th Iris Festival

Brussels is set to dazzle residents and visitors alike during the Iris Festival on the first weekend of May.

The city celebrates its 35th anniversary with a vibrant and diverse program that will enchant everyone.

Exploring Brussels’ Communes

On Saturday, the festival highlights three Brussels communes: Schaerbeek, Evere, and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. These neighborhoods will host numerous free tours, showcasing their rich history and cultural offerings.

A Cultural Journey Through Schaerbeek

In Schaerbeek, visitors can explore significant landmarks like the town hall and the Art Nouveau trail. Additionally, the Autrique House and La Maison des Arts will feature fascinating exhibitions, and local delights like beer and chocolate tasting will be available.

Evere’s Historical Showcase

Evere invites attendees to discover its newly renovated Pieter Cnops Museum and other historical sites. Activities include a historical walk through the Evere Mill and the scenic Moeraske marsh.

Discoveries in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode will reveal its hidden gems, including exhibitions at the local library and the Charlier Museum. The commune also offers culinary workshops, adding a flavorful twist to the cultural exploration.

Iris Tipik Electro Night

As evening falls, the Iris Tipik Electro Night will turn place des Palais into a massive dance floor. This event features popular music duos like Ofenbach and TRINIX, as well as local talents, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Irisfeest Iris Day 2018 concert
Iris Day 2018 Photo credit: – Eric Danhier

Family Fun at Party in the Park

Sunday’s festivities continue at Brussels Park, transformed into seven themed villages. These villages offer a range of activities from cultural presentations to scientific explorations, catering to all ages and interests.

At the Culture and Heritage Village, visitors will be able to enjoy culture in all its forms. Find out what’s on offer in Brussels for your little ones at the Kids Village.

Iris Day2019 Photo credit: – Eric Danhier

The people who make Brussels’ public services and institutions possible show visitors around in the Public Village.

Learn more about cultural, educational and charitable projects at the Associations Village.

Those who enjoy participating in science workshops can visit the Science Village.

Sports and leisure associations share their passion with visitors in the Sports Village.

Dive into student life and fun scientific activities at the VUB’s and ULB’s Universities Village.

On Sunday afternoon, visitors will be able to enjoy many street artists and other artists in Brussels Park. Discover, among others: Zizanie, HH Producties, Cirque plein d’air, Sokar, Ganesha Events, Atelier Mobile, Jenlisisters, Apollo Swing, Areito and the Lachspiegelcentrale.

Compagnie A demi-mot, Collectif Radiscalson, La tartinade and other artists will be wandering their way through the park. Tree and wall climbing are also on the programme. There will even be boats.

Open Doors at the Brussels Parliament

The Brussels Parliament will open its doors to the public, offering a unique opportunity to explore the democratic heart of the city. The open house includes activities suitable for all family members.

Cycling in Brussels and More

The festival encourages active participation with bike tours through Brussels’ green spaces and surrealistic paths. Additional walking tours will delve into the themes of surrealism and nature.

Accessibility and Information

The festival ensures accessibility, providing free secure bicycle parking and designated spaces for those with limited mobility. For continuous updates, visitors are encouraged to check the festival’s website.

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