Why You Should Take That Much-Needed Vacation


Stop for a minute and think about all the people you know. Now think about what percentage of the time they spend their lives going through their regular routines.

They wake up to an alarm clock, go to work, come home, might do some stuff around the house, watch television for hours, and go to sleep. This pattern repeats itself over and over again for years, sometimes decades. Do you want to be that person?

Truly Living

What these people don't realize is that they're living uninteresting lives. The reason for this is because our society puts so much emphasis on money. Most people have been brainwashed to think money is the key to life, but this isn't the case at all. When someone is at the end of their life, they're never going to say, "I wish I worked more so I could have more money." Most people say they wish they had traveled more. They want to see more of the world and go on more adventures. They don't realize until it's too late what was truly important in life.



What Is Truly Important in Life?

Life is about experiences, not money. If you can't afford to take that dream vacation yet your income and spending habits remain the same, then there is no way you're ever going to be able to take that vacation. Then again, you can take out a personal loan to take that dream vacation. Five years from now, do you think you're going to look back and say, "I'm glad I saved that $1,000"? Or do you think you're going to look back and say, "I sure am glad I took that dream vacation"? It's almost always going to be the latter. With a personal loan you can pay for your vacation by getting matched with options in a matter of seconds.

Of course, there is always the potential for a bad vacation experience. However, what most people don't realize is that this isn't bad. That is only the case when you're at your actual destination and living it. If you look at the big picture, a bad vacation is a story that you will tell for the rest of your life. Therefore, you win either way. If it's a quality vacation, you have your own memories to cherish. These will mostly be yours because most people don't find it interesting that you lounged on the beach with a cocktail while reading your favorite book and listening to the gentle waves break on the beach. If it's a bad vacation, people are going to want to hear about how the bus broke down, you had to walk a mile with luggage to the hotel in a third-world country and someone approached you trying to sell you coconut daiquiris along the way. Or perhaps the power went out at your hotel in 100-degree weather and you had to sleep on the beach with crabs and suspicious characters lurking nearby.

Always Go

The point is that taking the chance leads to a win/win situation. Either you have an amazing vacation and form memories for the rest of your life or you have interesting stories to tell others. Therefore, if necessary, take out that personal loan and go for it. The only true failure in life is never taking the chance.


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