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Famous Casinos in Canada for Tourism

Casinos in Canada

It’s hard to beat Canada when it comes to countries that provide the best sceneries and impressive gambling venues.

From the small gaming rooms to the huge hotels and restaurants, every one of them will bring you to a whole new world of experience when you seek entertainment from the North American country. With this, it shouldn't come as a surprise when you find out that the online casinos in Canada are filled with locals and tourists loving the sceneries, top quality slots and table games being offered to them.

Land-based casinos have always played a major role in attracting tourists to Canada, as the country itself houses some of the best casinos known across the world. In this article, we will be listing out few land-based casinos popular in the country.



Casino Niagara

Established in 1996, Casino Niagara is one of the most popular land-based casinos known in the North American country. And when it comes to the scenic view it has to offer, Casino Niagara goes very far among its peers, as it overlooks the stunning Niagara Falls, which is a major source of attraction for tourists.



Casino Niagara isn't limited to the gambling world, as they have a massive amount of slot machines and table games readily available to play. Aside from housing a poker room for high rollers, it also has a section solely dedicated to sports betting. There are huge screens to watch any of the live sports games being played to ensure their gamblers don't miss out on the action. On weekends, there is live entertainment being held for its guest.

Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

If you're a frequent traveler that travels from the United States to Canada, then you may have heard of the popular casino. It can easily be spotted close to the Ambassador Bridge which connects the two countries. Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casinos welcome gamblers not only from both countries but also across the world.

They have a huge library of slot machines and table games, which includes a poker room that house 14 tables. It didn't just stop with gambling, they also have a large fitness centre and sports park available for their guests. There is a showroom with entertaining performances, along with the Esthetica Spa which welcomes both female and male guests.

Casino De Montreal

Situated by the Notre Dame in Quebec, Casino De Montreal is one of the most popular land-based casinos known not only in Canada but also across the world. It is one of the largest 10 dollar deposit casinos in Canada and gambling venues in the world and is capable of hosting over 18,000 visitors in a day. With that huge amount of average visitors, you should know that Casino De Montreal is not lacking when it comes to casino games.

It has a huge library of games with over 3,000 slot machines, hundreds of table games and eighteen poker tables. Poker players will leisurely enjoy playing Texas Hold'Em tournaments, while their casino members will enjoy gambling loyalty points. They also manage four gourmet restaurants as well as luxurious rooms.

River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock Casino Resort is located near the airport, making it a favourable destination for tourists and gamblers. It is situated close to the Fraser River to give tourists a great scenic view.

Aside from that, they also boast thousands of casino games, sports betting and a VIP room for its top clients. It is famous for its poker rooms, which has held several British Columbia Poker Championships in the past. River Rock Casino Resort is top-notch.


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