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Everyone loves to travel, with the opportunity to visit and learn about new places often being difficult to pass up.

Whether it is for a pleasant holiday, business, or even for something a little bit outside the box, there is any number of reasons for people to travel. One of the more unusual ones is for people to look at gambling destinations and travel in order to try their hand in some of the biggest cities in the world.

The old King of Casinos

For what seemed like decades, the Holy grail for any intrepid gambler was Las Vegas. With the strip itself famous for its abundance of casinos and entertainment venues, it is often seen as one of the world's biggest gambling cities. With sportsbooks and poker rooms available as well as any number of slot machines and blackjack tables, it truly is an enormous place to visit. However, don't just limit a visit to the casinos as sports fans can see if there are any major boxing bouts as many promoters see Vegas as their biggest venue, whilst often musicians and entertainers will have long residences in the city, giving tourists a vast number of options to entertain themselves.



New market leader

This might come as a surprise, but the current casino capital is not Las Vegas. It is currently Macau, in China, which can generate more money in two months than the entire Vegas strip does in a year. In fact, commercial casinos help generate approximately half of the nation's GDP and serve as a simply colossal source of income. The former Portuguese colony has seen almost $40 billion generated in recent years, and as part of China, it offers great cultural insight into two separate nations, which just adds to the intrigue for any interested explorer.

When traveling, it can be a chore to keep getting on flights and trains whilst feeling that you have nothing of interest to do. You end up mentally drained if you are on a long haul journey, so you might need something to help stimulate you. Why not visit, and you can compare the best online casinos with these you are visiting. Make the most of a journey and try to push your boundaries where possible.

London calling

Now, this might not come as too much of a shock, but London is probably one of the primary tourist destinations. Although the casinos do serve as an attraction, a visit to England's capital could be the ambition of many a tourist making the trip, with West End shows being one of the major reasons people make the trip. With historical areas such as Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace amongst other attractions, it serves as s truly spectacular destination for any tourist. With casinos on Leicester Square amongst other areas, both avid gamblers and tourism enthusiasts alike will find something to keep them entertained. It is just a matter of blending the culture well with the fun and games from visiting a casino.


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