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Aman Presents Janu Tokyo: A New Chapter in Luxury Hospitality

Janu, meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit, opens its inaugural hotel in Tokyo, setting a new benchmark for luxury hospitality with an ethos that balances soulful experiences and innovative design.

Janu Tokyo is the beginning of Janu’s ambitious expansion, with 12 properties set to redefine luxury hospitality by offering an alternative to the serene sanctuaries of its sister brand, Aman, focusing instead on vibrant connections and playful designs.

Janu Tokyo is strategically positioned in the heart of Azabudai Hills, a buzzing new community crafted by Mori Building Co. Ltd., promising an enriched experience for guests and locals alike. With 122 rooms and suites, eight unique dining and social spaces, and a sprawling 4,000 sqm wellness center, the hotel is poised to become a landmark of urban sophistication designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners, with interiors by Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston.

Vlad Doronin, Aman Group’s Chairman and CEO, celebrates the launch as a milestone, underscoring Aman’s legacy of luxury hospitality while heralding Janu Tokyo as the start of a fresh chapter aimed at meeting the desires of contemporary travelers seeking enriching experiences and genuine connections.

The hotel’s comprehensive wellness offering spans four floors, featuring one of Tokyo’s largest gyms, diverse group exercise options, and extensive hydrotherapy facilities. Designed to foster social wellness, it provides both active and passive wellness paths, emphasizing group engagement and individual well-being.

Janu Tokyo pool

Janu Tokyo extends its wellness philosophy beyond hotel guests, offering limited Wellness Collective memberships to local residents, promoting the concept of social wellness. Furthermore, the hotel houses two Aman Essentials boutiques, marking the first time these outlets are available outside an Aman resort, enhancing the connection between the hotel and the Azabudai Hills community.

The dining experiences at Janu Tokyo are as diverse as they are innovative, blending European and Asian culinary traditions. From the Italian flair of Janu Mercato to the traditional Edomae sushi at Iigura, and the contemporary sumibiyaki techniques at Sumi, each venue aims to inspire and delight through creative cuisine and vibrant design.

The accommodations at Janu Tokyo redefine elegance with a minimalist design that harmonizes Japanese tradition and European luxury. From spacious rooms to the expansive Janu Suite, guests are treated to a refined aesthetic that reflects the vibrant energy of Tokyo, complemented by views of the city skyline and luxury amenities.

As the sole hotel within Azabudai Hills, Janu Tokyo is not just a place to stay but a vital part of the urban community, engaging with local culture, art, and nature. The hotel’s commitment to authentic experiences and support for local artisans and institutions underscores its role as a cornerstone of the community, enriching the lives of both visitors and locals.

With Janu Tokyo, the Aman Group introduces a vibrant new concept in luxury hospitality, where innovation meets tradition, and guests embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and renewal. This marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Janu, blending the essence of luxury with the dynamic spirit of urban life.

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