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Benefits of TripAdvisor reviews in the hospitality industry

A study conducted by Chris Anderson, an associate professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration finds out the benefits of reviews posted to TripAdvisor for hotels worldwide.

The study compared the average performance of 80 hotels across five global hotel brands, with properties in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific, for 12 months previous to and following the launch of Revinate Surveys. The study found that as a result of using the Revinate Surveys solution with integrated TripAdvisor review collection, hotels realized impressive gains in TripAdvisor market ranking, leading to increased occupancy and potential revenue growth.

Here are some of highlights:

• 58% of properties increased their popularity ranking on TripAdvisor, while another 14% maintained their ranking

• Additionally, 54% of the properties who did not increase their ranking still increased their rating scores relative to their competitive set

• Overall, properties experienced a 3x average increase in review volume

• Hotels that were behind their competitors in the number of reviews before launch had more than double the average number of reviews of their competitive sets after launch

• Average rating scores increased by 2%

• Properties saw a 3% average increase in positive reviews

“User reviews have become a critical aspect of the travel research process, as evidenced by TripAdvisor having over 350 million unique monthly visitors,” says Anderson. “In this report we show via a simple series of before-and-after tests with Revinate that the encouragement of reviews via post-stay surveys not only increases the number of reviews posted to TripAdvisor, but also the hotel’s actual review scores (relative to their competitive sets).”

For hotels in the study, occupancy also increased by 1%. “This goes to show that integrated publishing with Revinate Surveys drives significant TripAdvisor benefits and even increased occupancy. While hotels may not immediately see performance impact, they have a huge opportunity to evaluate whether they can increase ADR or capture additional on-property spend, resulting in improved RevPAR and profitability,” says Marc Heyneker, CEO of Revinate.

“In combination with striving to deliver an exceptional guest experience, Revinate Surveys has been game changing for TFE Hotels,” says Tammy Marshall, Chief Operating Officer. We’re so pleased with how much we’ve improved on TripAdvisor, not to mention the incremental revenue we’ve gained as a result of increased visibility on the world’s largest travel site.”

As a TripAdvisor Platinum Partner, Revinate has also been recognized by TripAdvisor for best-in-class performance with respect to data integration, mobile-friendliness, and review conversion. Through this integration partnership, hotels access the “best of both worlds” by capturing private feedback to improve operations and guest satisfaction, while also driving a large volume of new reviews to stimulate demand on TripAdvisor. Revinate Surveys enables hotels to easily manage all of their guest feedback in one dashboard.

Chris Anderson will hold a webinar with Revinate to present the full results of the study.

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