Maritim Hotels BABOR Refill system

Maritim Hotels Teams Up with BABOR to Boost Environmental Sustainability

Maritim Hotels, a stalwart in Germany’s hospitality industry, is taking decisive steps towards an environmentally-friendly future. In collaboration with BABOR, renowned for its sustainable body care products, Maritim Hotels will now incorporate a Refill System across all its German establishments.

This initiative is expected to drastically cut soap waste by up to 1.5 tons and decrease plastic usage by a commendable 65%. Another significant benefit? The long transportation routes often associated with conventional disposal bottles, some of which come from overseas, will now be history.

The chosen body care products, from BABOR’s “SPA Energizing line,” carry the assurance of dermatological testing and IFS-HPC certification. Free from microplastics and synthetic polymers, these products reflect a commitment to the environment. Furthermore, their production relies exclusively on energy from renewable sources, while the packaging, made of recycled PET, is entirely biodegradable.

Erik van Kessel, the Operations Managing Director at Maritim Hotelgesellschaft mbH, voiced his trust in BABOR, stating, “We chose to collaborate with BABOR because they’ve demonstrated over 60 years of industry expertise, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. Maritim has always focused on using high-quality, durable materials, with sustainability at the heart of our operations.”

This partnership is in line with Maritim’s history of eco-friendly initiatives. Their in-house “Pro Tomorrow” campaign allows guests to opt out of room cleaning services, redirecting the funds to regional environmental or social causes. Launched in February 2022, the program has already seen participation from over 198,000 guests and has raised an impressive 320,000 euros in donations.

Moreover, in a bid to promote climate consciousness, Maritim Hotels collaborated with Climate Partner earlier this year to evaluate the “CO2 footprint” of all their German properties. This assessment will pave the way for tailored strategies targeting CO2 reduction and enhanced energy management across the chain, ensuring a greener stay for all guests.

Erik van Kessel emphasized Maritim’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “With the addition of this eco-friendly body care option, we’re excited to offer our guests an even more environmentally conscious travel experience, and we aim to implement even more sustainable measures in the future.”

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