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Tesla and Airbnb partner to install chargers at Airbnb hosts

Airbnb and Tesla are bringing charging stations to select homes across the globe, starting with the California coast. “Together, we’re building a world with no limits to how far you can travel and how you get there,” the companies said in a statement.

To be eligible for a free charger, you need to be renting out your entire property, have had at least five bookings, and an average Airbnb star rating of 4+. Some Airbnb properties may already have 220-volt chargers in place that can, with an adapter, work on Teslas. (Any property can have 120-volt charging as long as the car owner brings the cable that came with the car.) The provided Tesla device is the proprietary High Power Wall Connector. Note that the charger itself will be free, but you’ll have to pay for the installation, which costs about $1,000 to install, depending on the layout of your home, the companies said.

Tesla says the program will expand the Airbnb – Tesla charger program worldwide in the future.

Tesla specifies a recharge rate of 58 miles (of range) added per hour of High Power Wall Connector charging time on a Tesla Model S with the dual onboard charger option.

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