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Top Casino hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered America’s playground and the world’s entertainment capital. You will come across all the respected names in the gambling world, most of which have their headquarters in Nevada along the Las Vegas strip.

Nevada can be seen as a theme park filled with amazing things to please adults and have a good time.

Plenty of land-based casinos range from traditional high-roller casinos to modern luxury casino hotels with spas and gourmet restaurants. This post will teach you about the different casinos and casino hotels we recommend visiting in Las Vegas for a fantastic casino experience. Some of the casinos that have their physical locations in Las Vegas have online casinos which you can play anywhere in the world. Reviews and games you will find in these online casinos are available at Lionbonuses. You will get guides and advice on how to make better your gambling experience online and at land-based casinos there as well.

Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa

This is the best casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It is located at the Summerlin Las Vegas Valley being managed by the Station Casinos. This is not only popular among the tourists but also among the locals. The hotel has a fantastic restaurant which is known for its steakhouse. This resort is near the vast Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which makes it one of the most known resorts in Las Vegas.


  • Restaurants
  • Game room
  • Swimming Pools


The Bellagio is considered one of the best casinos in Las Vegas and has gained much popularity. This is another of the MGM International Resorts. It is also located on the Las Vegas Strip. With an elegant structure and interior inspired by Lake Como of Bellagio (Italy), you can be sure of a fantastic experience when gambling at this hotel-casino.

On the casino floor, you will come across excellent players; most professional gamblers will be seen here getting an experience of their dream gaming at this massive complex with some of the best tables and slot machines. You will enjoy plenty of food and drinks thanks to the restaurants and bars available on location.

Main Attractions:

  • Art Gallery
  • Botanical Garden
  • Swimming Pools
  • World-Class restaurants
  • Poker Room

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is located on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip, with the operations being run by Caesars Entertainment. The casino has one of the largest poker rooms in Las Vegas. They have a very being Sportsbook meant for the visitors’ entertainment with great opportunities for sports betting. The casino has a fantastic roman styled resort.

Main Attractions:

  • Sportsbook
  • Poker room

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

This hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip and has its main attraction as the natural sand wave pool, which many refer to as ‘’the Beach’’. This is part of MGM Resorts International. The resort has a South-East Asian theme, making it a favourite for many people. Another thing that sets it apart from the rest is the convention centre, the 5th largest in the USA.

Main Attractions:

  • Small waterfall
  • Lazy River water ride
  • Heated pools
  • Wave pool

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

This is the largest single hotel in the entire USA. They boast of having more than 6,000 rooms. MGM Grand hotel is one of the largest hotel-casino in the world, with big casino rooms and some of the best dealers in the world. This is a favourite for many professional gamblers. It is a world-class casino with amazing casino games and some of the largest gaming floors in Las Vegas. This is a resort different from the others since the non-gamblers have a lot to enjoy at the casino. They have activities like the studio walk of CSI; there are outdoor pools, waterfalls, and rivers.

Main Attractions:

  • World-class casino rooms
  • Heated swimming pools
  • Waterfalls
  • Variety of slot machines

Aria Resort and Casino

Aria forms part of the city centre complex on the Las Vegas Strip. Aria has a grand casino known in Las Vegas for playing slots. Along the Las Vegas Strip, they have the most prominent slot machines. This hotel casino has rooms hosting all classic casino games like slots, poker, and table games. With more than 4,000 hotel rooms, you can be sure that you will enjoy some of the best moments in a one-stop shop where you will sleep and have one of the best gambling moments in the world.


  • Spa
  • Salons
  • Slots
  • Swimming Pools

Venetian Palazzo Resort Casino

Most people consider resorts and casinos as two different entities. But the two share one gaming license. This is another of the great casinos of Las Vegas. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club connects the resorts and the casino. Around the resort, you will have a couple of musicians playing soothing music. As a visitor to the resort, you can walk to the Grand Canal Shops. You will enjoy excellent services from the amazing spa that is second to none along the strip. Palazzo is the tallest building in Nevada and the second biggest hotel in the world.


  • Grand Canal Shops
  • Swimming Pools
  • Car Museum


From the comprehensive review, we have done of the different casinos and hotel casinos in Las Vegas. These different establishments have their unique themes, games, and atmosphere. You will get more insights when you learn about them and can already tell which one you will visit when you get the chance. One thing that you can be sure about is that you will get a fantastic gambling experience second to none.

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