Israel Air traffic drops

Air Travel to Israel Drops by 80% Following Gaza Clashes

Israel’s skies have grown unusually quiet since October 7th, as the clash in Gaza has led to a drastic 80% reduction in flights at Israel’s primary international gateway, Ben Gurion Airport.

Secret Flying reports that the bustling airport, normally accommodating around 500 flights daily, has seen a dramatic decrease to just 100 flights a day amid the hostilities.

This significant downturn in air traffic is attributed to cancellations by major Israeli airlines—El Al, Arkia, and Israir—and around 50 foreign airlines have also suspended services to and from Israel. The repercussions of the conflict have rippled through the aviation sector, impacting travelers and airlines alike.

The current crisis unfolded following an attack by Hamas, leading to extensive air and ground offensives. The toll has been heavy, with Palestinian casualties exceeding 10,000, including a high number of women and children, and nearly 1,600 Israelis, according to official figures.

Travelers are advised to stay informed about the status of flights and consider the gravity of the situation when planning travel to or from Israel during these tense times. (AA)

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