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American Airlines Expands Fleet with Four New Embraer E175s

American Airlines has inked a definitive agreement with Embraer for the acquisition of four new E175 aircraft.

These planes will be integrated into the operations of American’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Envoy Air. Scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2024, this addition will bolster Envoy’s all E-Jet fleet to a robust count of over 150 aircraft by the year’s end. The deal is valued at a staggering US$230.6 million based on the list price and will be reflected in Embraer’s Q3 2023 backlog.

Pedro Fábregas, the President & CEO of Envoy, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion. “These state-of-the-art jets will empower us to further our growth trajectory with American Airlines. This announcement, following our order in June, is a testament to the resilience and recovery of the US domestic and regional aviation sectors after a few tumultuous years. The E175 is pivotal in enabling us to deliver impeccable and consistent service to American Airlines and the multitude of passengers we cater to daily.”

Martyn Holmes, CCO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, echoed this sentiment. “This fresh order underscores the pivotal role the E175 plays in ensuring seamless connectivity across the United States. It’s a beacon of hope, signaling the market’s recuperation from recent challenges.” Holmes further highlighted the E175’s dominance in the US regional network, with a staggering 620 aircraft sold and a market share of 86% since 2013. “We are deeply grateful for the enduring partnership with American Airlines and Envoy,” he added.

The E175 made its debut in the North American skies in 2005 and has since established itself as the preferred choice in its category. Its dominance can be attributed to its superior comfort, exceptional performance metrics, and unparalleled efficiency. A standout feature that resonates with customers is Embraer’s signature two-by-two seating arrangement, ensuring passengers are spared the discomfort of middle seats. Globally, the E170/E175 fleet has clocked over 19.5 million flight hours. Of these, Envoy has contributed a significant 1.3 million hours.

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