Copenhagen Airport Unveils "Experience Space"

Copenhagen Airport Unveils “Experience Space” for a Multi-Sensory Shopping Adventure


Copenhagen Airport is set to redefine the travel retail experience with the introduction of the “Experience Space”, a groundbreaking initiative by Gebr. Heinemann.

This innovative space, located within the TAX FREE store, promises travelers a multi-sensory journey centered around the theme of “fluid perspectives”.

Upon entering the “Experience Space”, travelers are immediately immersed in a world of digital innovation. The floor beneath them ripples with the movement of water, and with a simple hand gesture, the water’s flow changes direction across the surrounding digital screens. As visitors interact with a water drop model, screens come alive with information about Denmark’s extensive coastline and Copenhagen’s renowned tap water quality and underwater gardening projects. All this is accompanied by the calming sound of flowing water, enhancing the immersive experience.

The space also showcases five brands – Narciso Rodriguez​, Talisker Wilder Seas, Absolut Vodka, MessyWeekend, and James Ay – each highlighting their connection to water and the environment. Through “lift and learn” technology, visitors can delve deeper into each brand’s story. For instance, they’ll discover that every bottle of Talisker Wilder Seas Whiskey sold contributes £3 to ocean conservation. Or that James Ay eyewear is crafted from Mazzucchelli M49, a material that’s 90% convertible to natural gases, with the remainder transforming into water and biomass. Narciso Rodriguez offers an olfactory treat with its “all of me” fragrance, which visitors can not only smell but also taste through a rose-infused drink.

The brands featured in the “Experience Space” will rotate regularly, ensuring a fresh experience for returning travelers.

Sören Borch, Director Sales Experience & Excellence at Gebr. Heinemann, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our mission is to transform travel time into valuable time. The ‘Experience Space’ embodies this promise, offering a dynamic, interactive shopping experience that evolves to meet changing consumer needs. While we’re starting in Copenhagen, we’re excited to bring this concept to other locations.”

Katrin Bamler, Gebr. Heinemann’s Managing Director in Copenhagen, added, “This concept is unparalleled. It perfectly blends content, excitement, and shopping. We’re grateful to Copenhagen Airport for joining us on this innovative journey.”

Åsa Söderberg, Head of Sales & Ecommerce at Copenhagen Airports A/S, remarked, “We aim to offer passengers unparalleled experiences. The ‘Experience Space’ fosters unique brand-customer interactions, spotlighting both global and local Danish brands. Such unique experiences, coupled with exceptional service, drive sales and exceed passenger expectations.”

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