APG appointed as GSA for Peruvian Airlines

APG announced a new GSA partnership with Peruvian Airlines effective from the 1st July 2015 in addition to its IET agreement with the carrier and current GSA agreement in 10 countries. APG has been appointed as the General Sales Agent of Peruvian Airlines in Argentina and Costa Rica and will be providing full sales and marketing services as well as call centre facilities.

Peruvian Airlines ranks third in participation in Peru’s aviation market and has been the fastest growing airline in recent years, being recognized as one of the top regional airlines in South America.

The airline operates an all-Boeing fleet of 7 aircraft, including 5 B737-300, 1 B737-400 and 1 B737-500, plus orders for 2 B737-400 and 2 B737-500 that will join the fleet in the coming months.

The carrier operates more than 20 daily flights to 7 domestic destinations in Cuzco (CUZ), Arequipa (AQP), Tacna (TCQ), Piura (PIU), Iquitos (IQT), Tarapotos (TPP), Pucallpa (PCL) and 1 international destination in La Paz, Bolivia (LPB).

A very convenient Frequent Flyer Program – Peruvian Pass -, great on-board service and punctuality, has allowed Peruvian Airlines to be the preferred airline of thousands of passengers who fly daily in Peru. The airline’s commercial policy is very flexible and offers the same rates for Peruvian nationals and foreigners.

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