boeing jet catches fire after departing MIA

Atlas Air Boeing 747 Catches Fire After Miami Takeoff

An Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 cargo plane experienced a fire shortly after taking off from Miami International Airport on Thursday evening.

The incident, captured on video by a local resident, showed flames emanating from the aircraft as it flew through the sky. The plane, valued at over $400 million, had departed at 10:32 pm and safely returned to the airport by 10:46 pm, continuing later to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Atlas Air stated that the crew adhered to standard procedures and safely returned to the airport without any injuries. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami International Airport confirmed that no injuries were reported.

The individual who recorded the video alerted Miami Dade County Emergency services upon witnessing the event. Officials acknowledged her report and confirmed the safe return of the plane.

Flightaware data indicates that the aircraft later proceeded to Bogota, Colombia, early Friday without further issues.

In January 2023, Atlas Air received Boeing’s last 747-8, marking the end of the model’s production. The airline, known as the largest operator of 747 freighters, has used the aircraft for diverse cargo, including military transport. John Dietrich, President and CEO of Atlas Air Worldwide, highlighted the 747’s significant role in their operations.

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