spa program at Songtsam Linka Retreat Lijiang

A New Wellness Experience at Songtsam Linka Retreat Lijiang

The luxury group, Songtsam Hotels Resorts & Tours, launched a new wellness program at Songtsam Linka Retreat Lijiang, located in Yunnan Province in China.

The Songtsam Lijiang, a cultural retreat, already had a focus on Wellness. This newly launched program brings the Wellness experience to an entirely different and spiritually uplifting level. 

“No one needs a holiday more than someone who just spent a vacation.” This famous saying by the British writer Albert Elbert is not ridicule. Real rest is great wisdom. In the ancient heritage of the Himalayas, many secret methods of practicing the mind are named “rest”. The real rest is to rest all the false perceptions of the phantoms in one’s life, rest all the pain and troubles caused by this, rest all the delusions of confusion, and the rest is the natural freedom and well-being.

Reaching this state of “rest” is not easy, because one’s mental habits are complicated, and we don’t know what to do with the most essential simplicity. But this is the deep desire of every life like a tired bird to return to its nest.

Wellness conveys the basic connotation of rest wisdom. Only when our body and mind are focused on relaxing on the good things, our rest is the rest that can truly re-energize our vitality.

This kind of wisdom is integrated into every natural and humanistic holiday product in the learning space. Lijiang is located in an area where Han, Tibetan, and Naxi ethnic groups blend and have a rich cultural heritage advantage. Songtsam has adopted the essence of multi-ethnic art and cultural experience to carry the ancient wisdom of rest so that every guest will naturally learn the profound meaning of relaxation of the body and mind during the vacation process, and restart the deep inner power.

Multi-dimensional Wellness Experience

The personalized and customized journey provided by Songtsam will allow each guest to experience the wisdom of rest from multiple dimensions such as visual feast, musical note vibration, food tasting, and physical and mental meditation.

In the early morning, ancient Tibetan meditation is used to start a day of clarity. In the natural space and tranquil atmosphere, we listen to the birds sing in the wind with the fluctuating tones, and connect with the original awareness of the heart. Understand the operation of the mind, restore the flexibility and openness of the mind, develop the unlimited potential of the mind, and find a kind of lasting freedom and joy that is not affected by external changes.

After breakfast, guests have the option to set off from Ciman Ancient Village to start a farm ride with awareness. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the crowd allows one to freely explore the rural scenery of the farm, apply the morning meditation method to various sensory experiences, and relax and focus on this beautiful natural vitality.

Or, one can stretch out the scrolls, burn incense and copy the scriptures, so that all the restlessness is immersed in the concentration of a single stroke.

The chef’s food at noon is a feast for taste buds. The geographical conditions of 7,874 feet above sea level, abundant sunshine resources, and spring-like climate all year round have created the unique flavor of Lijiang’s fruits and vegetables. Guests can walk into the local farmer’s market, find the most unique and delicious ingredients, taste exclusive customized food, and enjoy the rich taste.

The afternoon is good for both movement and quiet. Guests can experience a session with a professional yoga teacher which will lead them to expand awareness of the body from the inside out, combining breathing and mindfulness exercises, loosening the subtle knots, cleaning the five internal organs, improving physical and mental energy, the body becomes soft, and the heart opens. 

Or, go to Dayan Ancient City to experience the most traditional thangka paintings, and experience the deepest piety in Tibetan culture in the collision of lines and colors.

When this light journey comes to an end, Songtsam guests are invited to enjoy the Chennai massage, which inherits the Nepalese Ku Nye technique. During this treatment, one’s awareness can unlock the deep emotional and physical imprints, and get a soothing experience that completely releases the body and mind.

More meditation handicrafts, mindfulness walking, and music tasting natural art experiences can be booked on-site in the store. Each guest will be accompanied and guided throughout their stay by a team with many years of meditation experience. 

The Signature Spa Treatments

Songtsam body & mind rejuvenation program for 1 day.

The Songtsam rejuvenation program is based on different techniques which offer a unique Tibetan experience of wellbeing:

  • Food Cleaning

  • Hydrotherapy (Manna Bath)

  • Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

  • Ku Nye Massage

  • Packs with Tibetan herbs

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