Domodedovo Airport cleaning robot

Domodedovo Airport is testing cleaning robots

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is piloting the cleaning robots. The initiative aims to improve automation of the air hub operations.

The airport has tested TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000, CLEANFIX RA 660 NAVI, and Russian VeDroid. The tests took place in the office space, and in the terminal building. The evaluation takes into account safety, design for manufacturing, quality of cleaning, as well as economic efficiency.

“Safety is our key requirement for cleaning robots. It is essential that if the obstacles appear, for instance, baggage trolley, a robot should stop, make a quick decision and resume movements without performance degradation. If a robot cannot continue the cleaning, it should go back to the service station,” said Moscow Domodedovo Press Secretary Alexander Vlasov.

The robots ensure fast and quality cleaning. However, it should be tailored to working in a dynamic airport environment, meeting all the safety requirements. The airport will complete the testing by the end of the year. The final purchase decision will be made in 2020.

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