Hair Care Whilst You Travel

Our Guide To Hair Care Whilst You Travel

Caring for your hair when travelling can be a time-consuming process that can require a number of products all at once, but how can you be sure they are helping your hair rather than causing more damage in the long term?

 Here, we will be providing you with our simple guide of the hair care routine that you should follow when travelling.

Preventing Hair Loss

When travelling, one of the worst things you could do is forget to look after your hair as this can lead to long-lasting damage. Whether this is thinning, dry and unruly hair or hair loss due to over-styling, this can all begin to have an effect on confidence as well as self-esteem. Though there are prevention methods that we have listed below, there is also a number of other treatments such as afro hair transplant Turkey procedures as well as a number of others that can provide you with long-lasting results before your trip. Though this will need to be organised in advance, this is one of the best ways to remedy severe hair loss with just a few weeks downtime. But what about those that are only experiencing a small amount of hair loss, we have some ideas listed below!

Condition, Condition Condition!

Though this may seem like an obvious thing when travelling, conditioner is your new best friend. With conditioner before and after entering the water as well as deep conditioning overnight, you can keep the hair strong and moisturised despite spending a large amount of time in saltwater. This will help to keep your hair manageable over the course of your trip and will help it to retain moisture when exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

SPF Is Your New Best Friend

Though conditioner is needed, it is important to bring SPF on your next trip. With SPF for the hair being just as important for the skin, it is important that you do not forget either as this can lead to your hair becoming damaged when in the sun. By applying an SPF spray before sun exposure, this will help to lock in moisture and prevent the effects of bleaching that often happens in the sun. Whether you opt for an aloe spray or one that you have made yourself, this can all help to protect the hair in the long term.

Air Dry Your Hair After Washing

Though it may seem tempting to grab the hairdryer and begin styling, this can lead to the hair becoming frizzy and dry in the long term when travelling. In order to avoid this, it may be beneficial to leave the hair to air dry. Not only will this provide you with a natural beachy wave, but it will also help the hair to retain moisture. This will help keep almost every hair in place and help to reduce the amount of sun damage that you would occur if your hair was lacking moisture.

Apply Conditioner Before Entering The Water

Though this may seem strange at first, applying conditioner to the hair will support the growth of healthy hair and prevent the hair from drying out. Whether you apply for a leave-in conditioner to the hair before you dry the hair or you spray on a leave-in conditioner, this will protect the hair against saltwater as well as the damage that can be caused through chlorinated water. This creates a protective barrier around the hair leaving it soft to the touch even when drying making this the perfect way to have photo-ready hair all your year-round.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can care for your hair when you travel and with a bit of forwarding planning, you can pack all the products that you may need to care for your hair when travelling, regardless of the time of year that you go.

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