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Colibra Launches Free Flight Tracking Service

Innovate flight app Colibra has launched a new flight tracking service that allows users to access accurate, real-time flight data.

The new service includes real-time alerts tracking delays, up-to-date arrival and departure times, gate changes, and provides valuable historical data about flights’ on-time performance, helping passengers plan their trip more accurate.

The company has already made waves in travel with their groundbreaking flight compensation app, and now are expanding their offering to travellers with a new piece of completely free software that offers access to a range of flight data in one place. Simply entering the flight number into the platform takes users to details of the journey including live departure and arrival times, and provides the option to receive updates if the flight is delayed, cancelled, or the gate changes.

A particularly exciting feature of the flight tracker is the flight history details, which allows users to view upcoming and past flights along with insights into how frequently this flight has been early, on time or late in the past 60 days – giving an idea of what to expect from the journey. There is also an FAQ section for every flight, providing instant answers to queries, including the average duration of the flight and which airport terminal it arrives at.

Miroslav Zaporozhanov, Co-Founder of Colibra says: “We are delighted to be launching our new flight tracker service and to continue developing the innovative services which we offer our customers. We believe our comprehensive tool will be very useful in helping passengers to plan their journeys and we are thrilled to be continuing to make the flight experience more seamless and enjoyable for our users.”

Designed for frequent flyers who have grown frustrated with the lack of reimbursement that airlines offer their passengers for delays and cancellations, the Colibra app is free to download and has been designed to provide compensation for any flight which is delayed by more than one hour or got cancelled (except because of official airport clоsures or country lockdowns).

Under standard EC261 regulations, passengers can only claim back compensation if their flight is delayed by 3 hours+, and only then if the delay is the fault of the airline. Colibra has eradicated the stress and frustration of trying to fight the reimbursement system by providing users with a simple method of receiving compensation for every cancellation or flight delay of 1 hour or longer.

The company even provides the option to be compensated in Bitcoin.

The service is able to compensate these cases by using a solidarity model for compensation. The company file compensations which are eligible for EC261 compensation from airlines in large batches. Rather than giving this compensation directly back to only those few passengers who were eligible under EC261, Colibra shares the compensation received among all of their users who have faced a cancellation or delay of one hour or longer.

This model means that more people are paid more often – as most flight delays do not qualify under EC261 as they are typically shorter than three hours and are not the fault of the airline directly. For example, there is a 30 times greater chance of experiencing a 90-minute delay than a three-hour delay.

Colibra’s new flight tracking service only adds to its value as an essential travel tool for frequent flyers, giving users access to invaluable, real-time flight information alongside its trailblazing compensation guarantee.

Colibra can be downloaded on both the AppStore and Google Play.

Find out more about how Colibra works here > https://www.colibra.io/

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