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Peach Aviation Launches Trial Project of Post-Antigen Testing


Peach Aviation Limited will begin implementing a “post-antigen testing domestic flight trial project” that enables domestic flights to be taken after passing a pre-boarding antigen test.

This Project will be implemented with the support and cooperation of the Association to Promote the Kansai International Airport Overall Plan, which is comprised of autonomous bodies and economic organizations, etc. in Kansai (secretariat: Osaka Prefectural Government), Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, SRL, Inc. (hereafter, the Partner Testing Company), and Utsubo Garden Clinic (hereafter, the Partner Clinic).

Despite domestic leisure demand gradually recovering thanks to the “GoTo Travel Campaign,” recovery in trips back to one’s hometown is weak, partially because of concerns about triggering an outbreak of infection, although it is assumed there is a significant need to travel to help with nursing care, etc. As a result of a survey conducted amongst Kansai residents with connections to the Amami region in Kagoshima prefecture, about 70% of respondents said that they voluntarily self-banned any return to their hometown this summer out of concern for spreading the coronavirus among local residents, and they also confirmed that they intend to postpone returning to their hometowns if safety cannot be ensured under the reinforced countermeasures against the Covid-19 infection (due to concerns about receiving critical looks at the year-end/New Year holiday period).

In response, Peach is to implement this Project on routes that have few alternative means of transport besides flights, although demand to return to one’s hometown is high, prior to the peak of the hometown return period at the yearend/New Year.

The target period and routes for this project are initially two routes, namely flights serving Miyazaki and Amami from Kansai Airport from November 20th to December 19th. Based on the trial project’s results, we will consider increasing the number of target routes and passengers by inviting additional partner clinics for this project to bolster the number of inspections, and will look into the possibility of development near airports in other regions.

The airline will also proactively call on everyone who requests an antigen test under this Project to take all possible measures to minimize the risk of infection before departure after the test, and while traveling without letting down their guard due to the test results in order to realize a “safe hometown return without causing new infections” as per the purport of this project.

Together with the customers, Peach will contribute to the recovery of the Japanese economy by building new travel styles around the theme of “Bridging your Sky,” while continuing its safe operations and thorough measures to prevent the Covid-19 infection.

Travel procedures

1) Check the availability and schedule of your requested flight on the Peach website and the reservation site of the partner clinic.

2) Reserve air tickets for eligible fares on the Peach website.

3) Request an antigen test via the “New Coronavirus Antigen Test Support Option” on the special page of the Peach website and apply on the condition not to board if the test proves positive.

4) Reserve a medical examination via the reservation site of the partner clinic. (Air ticket reservation number is required.)

5) Take the antigen test at the partner clinic at least before 5 days from departure.

6) Explanation about the test results is provided at the partner clinic if negative. (Requires another visit to the clinic.)

A negative test result certificate will be issued, permitting the recipient to travel.

If the test results are positive, the partner clinic will advise the person by telephone, the public health center will be notified by the partner clinic, and the public health center’s instructions must then be followed.

If tested positive, one cannot board the reserved flight, and the flight reservation will be changed or canceled.

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