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Reopening Casinos Can Boost Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the entire economy, and most industries suffered a huge hit caused by the virus outbreak. It seems that it will take a long time for tourism to recover from the lockdown consequences.

The authorities had banned international traveling, and the people’s mindset started changing.

Today, they are cautious about their plans and don’t decide to travel that easily. The industry is looking for mechanisms to attract more visitors during these challenging times. Can reopening casinos help to boost tourism?

In this article, we are considering if land-based gambling properties are capable of attracting tourists. Here is whether opening the casinos is a good idea!

The Lockdown Impact on Hospitality and Gambling Industries

Once COVID-19 caused lockdown, the hospitality industry faced a massive list of canceled trips. Nobody thought about traveling, and it took months for the borders to open. Even when that happened, we noticed a new trend in the tourism industry.

Tourists started favoring staycation – visiting a place close to their home so that they can return quickly if necessary. While staycations favor domestic tourism, many countries rely on tourists from around the world. Many facilities didn’t hesitate to invest more to implement new safety measures and follow all health regulations.

As the problems with the virus continue, we see that many hotels and tourist facilities run out of business because they lack sufficient guests. That leads to the conclusion that the lockdown had a negative impact on the hospitality industry.

What about the gambling industry? If we want to explain the situation better, let’s distinguish the difference between land-based and online gaming properties. Land-based facilities are facing fewer visitors for multiple reasons. Some properties rely on foreign tourists, and others don’t have as many players because last are afraid of the virus.

The pandemic had a positive effect on the online gambling industry. People had to stay at home and look for different leisure activities in their spare time. Playing casino games online required an internet connection only. The websites adapted to the situation and expanded their offer to attract more users.

If you check out the new PlayLive casino review by CasinoHEX, you will find tempting bonuses for new players and a comprehensive gaming selection. Many platforms took a similar approach to ensure an optimal gaming experience. They now offer an experience close to playing in a land-based casino, and people have an alternative to visiting gambling properties.

Casinos as One of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Online casinos can be as real as any real deal and a suitable alternative that allows playing from the comfort of your home. However, visiting a land-based gambling facility still sounds attractive, especially if it has a premium reputation in the industry.

Here is a couple of facts – Las Vegas attracted 40 million tourists to the United States. Macau is a location people visit only because it is a gaming hub. European travelers make sure to place Monte Carlo in their travel plans to try their luck at casino tables. If the area is casino-oriented, there is no doubt its tourism can benefit from reopening gaming facilities.

We can see an evident correlation between tourism and gambling. People visit Monaco for its beautiful architecture and fabulous restaurants, but they rank visiting a casino as a top activity while in the area. You will often find land-based gambling properties in the most popular city districts for tourists, such as bays, luxury resorts, and downtowns. It is a frequent occurrence that restaurants, boutiques, and other locations where tourists can spend time and money are located close to casinos. Visitors might take a break to eat at the restaurant or purchase something at the shops, but it is playing in the casino that attracts them to the location.

Prognosis Future for Both Industries After the Pandemic

It’s evident that the hospitality and gambling industries will have to adapt to new trends caused by the pandemic, such as the popularity of staycation and online gaming. The good news is that people will feel safer traveling once the pandemic finishes. That is why both industries hope that we can declare the COVID-19 outbreak dealt with as soon as possible.

Once that happens, both industries will start recovering quickly. People will look forward to traveling again, and they will use the opportunity to visit their favorite destinations. That will lead to an increased number of visitors to casino-oriented cities, but we will also see more players in casinos throughout the world.


For many countries, tourism is among the primary sources of income. Many destinations offer the top casino experience to tourists to attract more visitors to the entire area. Giving an estimation on when the pandemic will end is difficult, but there’s no doubt better days are ahead for both industries.

In the meantime, these two branches should work together on figuring out how to attract more visitors. Cities like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are great examples that casino-oriented tourism could work. Reopening and improving land-based gaming facilities can play a critical role in boosting tourism in the coming years.

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