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Travel to Aruba – COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Located below the hurricane belt in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba enjoys year-round sunshine and has more sunny days than anywhere else in the Caribbean, making it the ideal destination for sun-worshippers.

Aruba, the most touristed island in the southern Caribbean, continues to reopen its borders to countries.

The country which first opened its borders to Bonaire & Curacao on June 15, 2020, continued with Canada, Europe, all Caribbean countries (excluding the Dominican Republic and Haiti) on July 1, 2020. Travelers from the United States of America are welcomed since July 15, 2020.

The country will welcome travelers from the Dominican Republic and Haiti from December 1, 2020. Travelers from South America (excluding Venezuela) and Central America will be able to visit from December 1, 2020.

COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Fill Online ED Card

Travelers are required to fill out online embarkation/disembarkation card (or ED Card). The online ED card is mandatory for all travelers to Aruba, including minors and infants. All non-resident travelers, including visa required countries, are required to obtain an online travel qualification using this system prior to being granted permission for boarding. 

Resident of Aruba must also fill the ED Card.

Before you begin this process, please make sure that you have a valid passport, and an valid e-mail address that you can access. You will need to supply information from your passport to successfully complete the online application form. After completing the online travel qualification form, you will receive a confirmation of your application to the e-mail address you provided. This confirmation of approval will be your proof of qualification for travel to Aruba. This confirmation is mandatory and will need to be presented and checked at your airline check-in either by showing a printed/ digital copy.

After entering your passport details and traveler information, you will need to answer health questions and upload a negative lab test result or PREPAY COVID-19 test.

Next you will purchase the Aruba Visitors Insurance and/or prepay PCR COVID-19.

Aruba Visitors Insurance

To maintain the safety and wellbeing of visitors and locals, one of the new requirements put in place for visitors to be admitted to Aruba is the mandatory Aruba Visitors Insurance which helps to protect you against medical- and non-medical expenses incurred if you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay in Aruba.

The Aruba Visitors Insurance covers all eligible foreign nationals from pre-approved regions or countries. The Aruba Visitors Insurance is mandatory and meets the Aruba government’s minimum requirements. Proof that you do not have COVID-19 is a mandatory requirement to enter Aruba. As currently this proof can only be provided through, a negative PCR COVID-19 test.

What is covered under this Aruba Visitors Insurance?

Medical Expenses: All medically necessary expenses to treat COVID-19, including doctor consults, medicines, hospital admissions, intensive care unit costs, specialist fees, x-rays, lab expenses and nursing costs.

Isolation costs: Government imposed Isolation costs for patients who test positive for COVID-19, including medically necessary doctor consults and follow up tests during the isolation period.

Other related expenses: On-island transportation of COVID-19 patients and ambulance costs for those in critical condition.

Maximum Limit: The overall maximum limit for all benefits combined is US $75,000.

Children 14 years and under are insured by paying a one-time fee of $10.

This insurance is mandatory for all visitors and must be purchased in advance of travel as part of the online ED Card process. One’s own travel insurance can be supplementary to the Aruba Visitors Insurance but cannot replace it.

As of November 1, 2020 premiums are a flat rate per person ($30 for persons 15 and over and $10 for persons 14 and younger) for a maximum duration of 180 days.


COVID-19 Test Requirement

Residents of all countries with whom Aruba’s borders are open are strongly recommended to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival.

Tests must be taken at 72 hours prior to departure (or closer to departure) and the results need to be uploaded no later than 12 hours prior to departure to Aruba. Any tests and results executed before 72 hours prior to departure to Aruba will not be valid.

Your uploaded lab results need to list:

  • Your name, as it appears on passport
  • Date the test was administered
  • “COVID-19”, “SARS-CoV-2” or “Coronavirus”
  • The type of Molecular test or Molecular test brand name (see below)
  • How the test was taken: “Nasal”, “Nasopharyngeal”, “Mid-turbinate”, “Combined Oral/Nasal”, or “Combined Oral/Nasopharyngeal”, or “Combined Oral/Mid-turbinate” swab
  • Your test result: “Negative”

These are the ACCEPTED tests:

Accepted Molecular test types:

  • PCR / RT-PCR / ddPCR / Rapid PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • NAA / NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification)
  • AMP PRB (Amplified Probe)
  • LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification)
  • TMA (Transcription-mediated Amplification)

Accepted Molecular test brands, such as, but not limited to:

  • Abbott ID NOW
  • Quidel Lyra PCR
  • Abbott Realtime PCR
  • Cobas Qualitative PCR
  • Xpert Xpress
  • Simplexa Direct PCR

JetBlue partners with Aruba for seamless entry testing through JetBlue’s testing partner, Vault. Aruba is allowing Vault to facilitate their first and only saliva-based test accepted for entry into the country.

If you are unable to get tested prior to travel to Aruba then you can take a test upon arrival in Aruba. The cost of the PCR test taken in Aruba is US$75 per person and needs to be pre-paid as part of the online ED Card process. Children 14 and under are not required to take the PCR test.

At-home kits are not accepted.

The government recommends downloading the Aruba Health App, so you can keep up on the latest regulations with respect to fighting the pandemic.

Wearing Mask

All inbound visitors ages 15 and older must wear a face mask during flight to Aruba, in the airport in Aruba, during any taxi ride or public transportation from the airport to their accommodation, and until they enter their room at their booked place of stay.

All visitors and locals must wear a mask on public transportation including public buses and taxis for hire. Visitors must wear mask on tour buses as well.

All visitors and locals must wear a mask in any indoor public space. This includes, but is not limited to, retail shops, supermarkets, museums, casinos, etc. Travelers are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with any specific mask wearing protocols in place at their chosen hotel or accommodations.

Additionally, visitors are strongly encouraged to wear masks in situations where social distancing proves difficult.

Aruba has a designated COVID Call Center reachable at 280-0505. Any visitors experiencing symptoms typically associated with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, loss of taste/smell) are required to first contact their accommodation staff/host or the COVID Call Center. Over the phone, a triage questionnaire will be conducted by a medical practitioner and visitors will be instructed of next steps they would be required to follow.

Aruba Bucuti Tara Beach Resort

Where to Stay in Aruba?

Although the island is just 20 miles long, it has plenty to offer – from secluded beaches, natural rock formations and coral-encrusted shipwrecks to chic resorts, adventure sports and glitzy casinos. The pristine beaches and year-round sunshine make Aruba a popular destination for both families and honeymooners looking for a mixture of adventure and relaxation.

Aruban beaches typically feature wide white bays backed by intimate and stylish resorts and superb all-inclusive properties that offer excellent family-friendly activities. The sheltered south and west coasts are home to the island’s finest beaches and calm, inviting waters. In the north west you’ll find lively Palm Beach and neighbouring Eagle Beach which is more relaxed and offers pristine white sands.

Here, the adults-only Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Aruba (Compare room rates and book on offers a romantic and secluded setting as well as exceptional dining.

To the east of the island, you will find the rugged Windward coast. Home to stunning limestone coves and desert scenery, this wild coast is well worth a visit. Although it’s unsuitable for swimming due to the strong current and thundering waves, it’s incredibly scenic.

The sheltered south and west coasts are home to the island’s finest beaches and calm, inviting waters that are perfect for swimming.

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