woman with cute dog and a cat in a portable plastic animal cage travel box

Pet-Friendly Skies: ITA Airways’ New Cabin Space for Animals

ITA Airways introduces a new offer, “Bring It with You, Now You Have More Weight and More Space”, designed for pet owners.

Starting today, courtesy of authorization from ENAC, on all the Company’s domestic flights, the maximum weight allowance for animals travelling in the cabin has been increased by 25%, from 8 kg to 10 kg, plus an additional 2 kg for the carrier.

This new initiative from ITA Airways addresses the growing demand from customers and aims to ensure maximum comfort during flights.

The service includes the booking of window-adjacent seats for the following new permitted dimensions:

  • Maximum weight including carrier: 12 kg
  • Weight of the animal: 10 kg
  • Maximum width: 30 cm
  • Maximum height: 24 cm
  • Maximum depth: 40 cm


Since its inception, ITA Airways has been attentive to the needs of passengers traveling with pets, consistently developing tailored offers to provide efficient and optimal services for pets onboard.

With this new service, pets will receive a dedicated boarding pass. Ground staff will manually fill in the boarding pass with the pet’s name and travel route at the check-in counter.

In this initial phase, the 25% increase in capacity will apply only to domestic flights within the ITA Airways network. It will not include flights connecting with other airlines. For international and intercontinental flights, the weight limit for pets and the dimensions of the carrier will remain unchanged. More details are here.

ITA Airways continues to show its commitment to creating a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience for all passengers, including those traveling with their furry friends.

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