Summer 2024: SAS Adds More Flights to North America and Asia

In response to the increasing demand for travel, Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) is set to significantly expand its flights to North America and Asia for the summer of 2024. This strategic move aims to cater to the growing interest in transcontinental journeys, offering passengers more options and flexibility.

Beginning March 31, 2024, SAS’s summer program will feature added flights and frequencies to key destinations in both the USA and Asia. One of the most notable expansions is the increase in flights to North America, particularly to New York, Boston, and Toronto, which are expected to enhance connectivity and convenience for travelers.

The Copenhagen-New York (JFK) route will see an upsurge in frequency, with the addition of up to two daily flights using the Airbus A321LR. These flights are set to complement the existing daily Airbus A330 flights to New York-Newark Airport, originating from each of the Scandinavian capitals. This expansion not only offers more travel choices but also ensures a consistent and reliable service for passengers traveling between these major cities.

SAS is also ramping up its service to Boston, moving from six times a week to a daily schedule. The use of the Airbus A350 on this route will double the available seats, reflecting SAS’s commitment to meeting the robust demand. This enhancement goes beyond passenger travel, as it also facilitates increased cargo transport between the two regions, thus contributing to economic connectivity.

Additionally, the airline is introducing a fourth weekly flight from Copenhagen to Toronto. The new departure time from Copenhagen is strategically planned to improve connections with flights to and from European and Scandinavian cities, further strengthening SAS’s network.

The summer program also marks a significant increase in SAS’s flights to Asia. Starting April 25, the routes to both Shanghai and Tokyo will be boosted from three to four times a week. This enhancement is a substantial move to increase seat and cargo capacity, accommodating the rising interest in travel to Asia.

To address the heightened demand during the Easter travel period, SAS is extending its Bangkok route with a weekly service until April 20th. This decision underscores the airline’s flexibility and responsiveness to seasonal travel patterns.

In summary, SAS’s summer program for 2024 presents an ambitious expansion across its North American and Asian routes. Destinations like New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Bangkok will see enhanced connectivity and increased flight options.

SAS’s expansion of flights to North America and Asia not only meets the growing demand but also signifies the airline’s commitment to providing a more connected and efficient travel network. As the world continues to open up post-pandemic, such strategic enhancements in air travel are crucial in facilitating global connectivity and cultural exchange. With these new additions, SAS is poised to remain a key player in the international aviation industry, offering passengers more choices for their summer travels in 2024.

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