World Rowing Championships 2021 Shanghai

A First for China – World Rowing Championships 2021

World Rowing Championships 2021 will be held in Shanghai Water Sports Center located at Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District during October 12th-24th next year. It will be the first-ever World Rowing Championships hosted in China.

The Shanghai Water Sports Center will be the venue for the championships and although it is their first time hosting a World Rowing event, the centre has already been the home of numerous international events.

The center is located 50km from the center of Shanghai and is a man-made course situated on the upper reaches of the Huangpu River. This river is one of the most important drinking water sources for Shanghai, a city of 26.3 million people. See hotels in Shanghai and book your room today.

In the newly launched cartoon style promotional video, the water of Huangpu River and the landmark buildings of Shanghai have been personified as rowers, referees, and spectators to imply the competition atmosphere of the city.

The slogan of the event, “chasing dream and rowing up”, indicates that it would be a dream come true for Chinese rowing, and we should take the opportunity to cleave through the waves, race for the top prizes and promote new development for Chinese rowing.

After the launching ceremony, the countdown device will be relocated to the former site of Shanghai Rowing Club to add a modern touch to this historic scenic spot, where it will serve as a memorial to commemorate the first-ever World Rowing Championships hosted in China.

“FISA realizes the huge potential for rowing in China and these championships is just one stage in this process,” says FISA Executive Director Matt Smith.

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