German-born Chef Michael Riemenschneider

Michelin Starred German Chef Michael Riemenschneider Opens New Restaurant in Istanbul

German-born Chef Michael Riemenschneider who had been trained by many of the worlds most famous and distinguished chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire, Michael Bras, Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse, Manfred Schwarz, and many many more, won the medal of honor of the restaurant world called Michelin star, now is in Turkey.

He is getting ready to serve his German &Turkish grandma’s cuisine mixed with his famous German / French cuisine in his different restaurants in Beykoz / Acarkent and Kavacik named “The Twins Kitchen by MR”- and “The Twins Bakery by MR”, which will be his Bakery, Patisserie & Café. Also, a third Restaurant will be open soon after Beykoz / Acarkent, called Atelier Celine by MR, affectionally after his beloved wife Céline Riemenschneider, on the European side of Istanbul, near and close to the Bosporus. Contract negotiations are still ongoing on multiple sites there.

Celine & Michael had their twin boys born here in Turkey in late July 2019. They have settled their lifestyle on the Asian Side in the Beykoz Forrest Areas.

Michael and Celine Riemenschneider

Michelin starred Chef Michael wants to make a difference to the culinary scene in the cities that he is going to open with his more casual brand “The Twins Kitchen by MR”, to change the opinion and approach of fine dining around the world. “Fine Dining is not about Table Cloths, stuffy waiters in expensive suits, and crystal Chandeliers. It should be all about the food and great service performed while dining, a nice atmosphere around it and good drinks”, Michael says.

Besides his classical cooking with very modern techniques, he is also combining traditional Turkish ingredients to serve and create a delicious dining experience for his guests. He describes his love for the kitchen as “My heart has been always beating for being in the kitchen and cooking.’’

The successful chef says he is very confident about impressing his guests with special dishes and ingredients that despite the Michelin Star factor affordable for everyone in the name of the ‘’Finer dining’’ concept.

Twins Kitchen interior

In the past 2 months, Michael & Céline have a great team behind them. His Group Executive Chef for the Operations of  MR Restaurants, Mert Aykut Okatan, 33 years of age, previously worked as Executive Chef at The Ritz Carlton, Les Ottoman, La Boom, and for some Michelin Star Chefs in Europe. He brings a great mix of leadership, organization and craftsmanship – also of course to be a Istanbul local, very helpful in sourcing the best producers and products and establishing good rapports with the local suppliers.

Also, in the kitchen, Michael is being assisted by one of his Pastry & Bakery Commis Eylem Dinç. With just 20 years of age, Michael strongly believes in Eylem and more so believes she will be one of the great pastry chefs in Turkey and Europe!! He has hardly ever seen so much passion and drive in such a young female or male chef.

Another member of his kitchen brigade is, Junior Sous Chef Tayfun Özdemir, born in Kesan/Edirne – just outside Istanbul, 27 years of age. Tayfun worked last in Vietnam, as a Private Chef for a Local Celebrity & Politician. Also at Mandarin Oriental / Bodrum, AmanRuya in Bodrum, and for Michelin Starred Chef and Michael´s good friend in the UK, Tom Aikens.

Michael is having 12 Female Chefs in his Brigade in Kavacik & Acarkent alone, making him an Ambassador for the Female Chefs Movement, in Turkey and all over the World. He believes it´s about time, more female chefs are coming forward, especially in Muslim countries like Turkey, and joining the likes of Aylin Yazicioglu to become some of the best chefs in Turkey and beyond.

About Michael Riemenschneider

Born in 1981, German chef Michael Riemenschneider started his career in one of the most famous hotels ‘’Steinberger Grand’’. He served delicacies to politicians and the most famous celebrities and has worked in high and important positions in very prestigious hotels and Michelin starred restaurants from 1999 to 2005.

In 2006, he was considered worthy of lots of awards with his Restaurant within his Hotel named The Old Coast Guard Hotel in England. In 2007, with another Restaurant he founded and co-owned The Abbey Restaurant – he received his first Michelin Star. He got voted best newcomer in the good food guide and the 3-star rosettes. In 2009 he got 2 Michelin stars with another restaurant he took on board and into his restaurant group ‘’Juniper’’ by Michael Riemenschneider, and it became one of the best restaurants in England. Spots 14 and 7 for Juniper and The Abbey. He featured in many many TV shows in the UK, magazines such as Olive, GQ, and many more, many newspaper articles and online articles. In 2012 with his newest Brainchild ‘’Canvas’’ by Michael Riemenschneider success was on the cards from the start and got on to the list of ‘’Best restaurants in England’’ in the first year. Day by day from 2007 his success was growing nationally in the UK and internationally worldwide. His restaurant ‘’Atelier Wilma’’ which was solely inspired by his admiration and love to his German grandmother Wilma, who has had including his wife Celine, the most influence on his life – personally and also for his culinary career, took 1 Michelin star after only 4 months of opening in 2016 and made sure to be one of the top restaurants in Germany. Retained his Michelin star in 2017 and 2018. Michael & Celine Riemenschneider moved fully to Turkey on 29th December 2018 and settled life with their Twin Boys Jayden & Jordan in the Hills & Forrest of Beykoz and Surroundings.

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