The Madrid of the Golden Century comes to life in Shanghai

Madrid’s Golden Century Comes to Life in Shanghai in a Unique Cultural Promotion

In an innovative exhibition of institutional collaboration, Turespaña, the Thyssen National Museum – Bornemisza, and the Cervantes Institute have teamed up to recreate Madrid’s Golden Century streets in Shanghai.

The event, held at the Miguel de Cervantes Library’s Terrace in Shanghai’s French concession, aims to bolster cultural tourism to Spain.

The event saw the participation of Spain’s ambassador to China, Marta Betanzos, and the director of the Thyssen Museum, Evelio Acevedo, drawing in cultural influencers, tour operators, and representatives from the arts.

This collaboration brought to life a 3D rendition of Madrid’s historic streets, allowing visitors to interact with the era’s iconic floats and characters for a fully immersive experience.

Targeting Chinese visitors with high purchasing power and cultural interest, the event also spotlighted the “Landscape of Light” UNESCO World Heritage Site and the exceptional collection of the Thyssen Museum. This initiative invites visitors to delve into Spain’s rich cultural heritage, exploring its cities, art, and history.

To cater to Chinese tourists, the Thyssen Museum has introduced Mandarin signage, audio guides, and tours, along with a Mandarin-friendly website and ticket purchasing options. The museum has also adapted its dining offerings to suit Chinese culinary preferences.

In 2023, tourism from China to Spain has notably rebounded, reaching over half the total number of visitors seen in 2019, with 380,000 Chinese tourists making their way to Spain. This upward trend is further emphasized by a 20% increase in the average spending per traveler from China compared to 2019, positioning Spain as a leading European destination for Chinese tourists.

The anticipation for a stronger recovery is supported by significant enhancements in direct flights between China and Spain, surpassing levels seen before the pandemic.

Back in 2019, Spain welcomed 700,000 Chinese visitors, who accounted for 2.2 million overnight stays. With an average expenditure of 2,407 euros per visitor and an average visit length of 7.8 days, Chinese tourists have become a key demographic for Spain’s tourism sector.

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