Madrid Unveils VisitMadridGPT: A New AI-Powered Virtual Tourist Assistant

Madrid has launched a new communication channel with tourists through VisitMadridGPT, an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by the city council to inspire visitors.

Almudena Maíllo, the city’s tourism councilor, introduced this technological tool designed to interact with travelers, answering their inquiries about Madrid whether they are planning their trip or already visiting.

VisitMadridGPT generates personalized recommendations and plans using the official tourism portal of Madrid,, as its sole information source. This website features a vast database of tourist resources and a comprehensive calendar of city events, along with thematic content to explore different aspects of Madrid.

According to Councilor Maíllo, this tool integrates artificial intelligence to provide destination recommendations and suggestions for visiting the city. “The launch of this tool is part of the digital transformation axis of the capital’s Strategic Tourism Plan,” Maíllo explained, adding that it incorporates this cutting-edge technological innovation into a unique project that enhances interaction and understanding of the city’s visitors.

Routes and Suggestions to Discover Madrid

The assistant offers promotional content, suggesting city routes and detailing points of interest such as museums, cultural centers, monuments, essential sites, restaurants, and natural spaces. The provided information is fully personalized and adapted for individuals with physical disabilities or specific dietary needs.

As a result, visitors receive tailored recommendations that help them plan their trip and make the most of their stay in Madrid.

“Due to its features, this tool is also a valuable resource for tourism professionals, who can use it to design and enhance the proposals they offer to their clients,” added the tourism councilor.

Instant Responses in 95 Languages

Available on various devices via, this free service operates 24/7. It can generate instant responses in up to 95 languages, from Spanish, English, and French to Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, and Hindi.

VisitMadridGPT also allows users to email the conversation at any point during the consultation. This information turns into a personalized local guide to Madrid, tailored to the user’s preferences and chosen language, and is always accessible.

Analyzing Traveler Demands

The implementation of this tool will enable the collection of extensive data on travelers’ needs and concerns when choosing or enjoying the city. This data will be analyzed by the Delegated Tourism Area to continue shaping specific promotional campaigns and strategies, identifying new market niches, and offering more tailored experiences through other municipal tourist information services and channels.

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