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Top 25 Safest Airlines for 2024 has released its much-anticipated list of the Top 25 Safest Airlines for 2024. This prestigious compilation, derived from an extensive evaluation of 385 airlines, showcases the leaders in aviation safety, innovation, and operational excellence.

AirlineRatings ranked Air New Zealand as the safest airline in the world in 2023, closely followed by Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Top 25 Safest Airlines

  1. Air New Zealand,
  2. Qantas,
  3. Virgin Australia,
  4. Etihad Airways,
  5. Qatar Airways,
  6. Emirates,
  7. All Nippon Airways,
  8. Finnair,
  9. Cathay Pacific Airways,
  10. Alaska Airlines,
  11. SAS,
  12. Korean Air,
  13. Singapore Airlines,
  14. EVA Air,
  15. British Airways,
  16. Turkish Airlines,
  17. TAP Air Portugal,
  18. Lufthansa/Swiss Group,
  19. KLM,
  20. Japan Airlines,
  21. Hawaiian Airlines,
  22. American Airlines,
  23. Air France,
  24. Air Canada Group,
  25. United Airlines

Meanwhile, AirlineRatings also included the list of the safest low-cost carriers globally.

Top 20 Safest Low-Cost Airlines for 2024

  1. Jetstar,
  2. easyJet,
  3. Ryanair,
  4. Wizz Air,
  5. Norwegian,
  6. Frontier Airlines,
  7. Vueling,
  8. Vietjet Air,
  9. Southwest Airlines,
  10. Volaris,
  11. flydubai,
  12. AirAsia Group,
  13. Cebu Pacific,
  14. Sun Country Airlines,
  15. Spirit Airlines,
  16. Westjet,
  17. JetBlue,
  18. Air Arabia,
  19. IndiGo,
  20. Eurowings.

Comprehensive Evaluation Criteria

The methodology behind the rankings is comprehensive.’s editors scrutinize a range of factors, including crash and serious incident records over several years, audits from aviation governing bodies, fleet age, and aircrew training. This rigorous approach ensures that the list is a true reflection of the airlines’ commitment to safety and operational integrity.

Handling Incidents with Finesse

What sets these top airlines apart is not just their safety records but their handling of incidents. According to Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of, all airlines face daily incidents, many of which are related to aircraft or engine issues. The key differentiator is how the flight crew manages these situations, which is a true test of an airline’s safety standards.

Innovation at the Forefront

The top 25 airlines are not just about safety; they are also at the vanguard of introducing advanced aircraft like the Airbus A350, Boeing 787, and 777-9. These airlines, including Emirates with its significant fleet of A380s and the 777 series, are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aviation technology and passenger experience.

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