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Top Countries offering the Most Expensive Flights

Online travel agency, formerly known as Skypicker, analyzed over a million flights to find an average price of domestic and international flights on a low cost and a legacy airline from each of the countries. Here are the countries that offer the most and the least expensive countries for flights.

Domestic flights were calculated by finding an average of flight costs from the country’s capital to up to five major cities within the country (where available), or a major city in a neighbouring country where no domestic flights were available, whilst international costs were calculated from the capital of each country to up to five international hubs within the same continent. All flights were checked for the same dates of travel (or neighbouring dates where necessary) on- and off-season, taking into account the same destinations and travel scheduling.

The research findings say that India offered the least expensive flight prices per 100km of travel, whilst the United Arab Emirates clocked in with the most expensive tickets. As a company which prides itself on offering the best value ticket prices for customers, undertook the research in order to help travellers find the most suited deals on flights around the world. CEO Oliver Dlouhý commented, “Understanding the least expensive countries from which to fly brings immense value to travellers when planning their next getaway. The public may never understand how and when flight tickets change in price; however, they now know which countries allow them to travel further on a budget.”

The study revealed the 10 countries offering the least expensive flights are:

  Domestic Flights cost/100kmInternational Flights cost/100km 
#CountryLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineAverage cost/100 km
7South Africa$5.69$9.94$6.33$7.36$7.33

Whilst the 10 countries which offered the most expensive flights were:

  Domestic Flights cost/100kmInternational Flights cost/100km 
#CountryLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineAverage cost/100 km
65Solomon Islands$56.13$63.76$11.87$12.49US$36.06
72The Netherlands$28.15$91.53$16.88$32.84$42.35
75United Arab Emirates$181.38$220.36$9.80$11.28$105.71

Below is the full list

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