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Turkey Ranks in the Top 20 Most Expensive Countries for Flights

According to a recent research detailing countries of the world which offer the least and most expensive flights, Turkey ranked in the top 20 most expensive countries for flights. The research, conducted by online travel agency, formerly known as Skypicker, analyzed over a million flights to find an average price of domestic and international flights on a low cost and a legacy airline from each of the countries.

Turkey ranked in position 58, with an average flight cost of US$28.51 per 100km of travel, factoring in both domestic and international journeys. The least expensive country, India, averaged a flight cost of $3.25 per 100km of travel. At the other end of the ranking, United Arab Emirates calculated at a cost over 30 times higher, at $105.71 per 100km of travel.

The study revealed the 10 countries offering the least expensive flights are:

  Domestic Flights cost/100kmInternational Flights cost/100km 
#CountryLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineLow Cost AirlineLegacy AirlineAverage cost/100 km
7South Africa$5.69$9.94$6.33$7.36$7.33

Whilst the 20 countries which offered the most expensive flights were:

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