Turkish Airlines' commercial featuring legends Kobe Bryant vs Lionel Messi

Turkish Airlines’ 7 Most Memorable Videos

Turkish Airlines has long been known for its creative and engaging in-flight safety videos as well as commercials that captivate travelers.

From featuring internet stars to collaborating with iconic brands, the airline has consistently delivered memorable safety demonstrations that stand out from the typical instructional videos.

Let’s take a look at 7 of Turkish Airlines’ most memorable safety videos:

1. Turkish Airlines Safety Video with Zach King


Magician and internet personality Zach King stars in this safety video, where his signature digital magic tricks transform standard safety announcements into a captivating visual spectacle.

2. Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi: The Selfie Shootout


This video showcases a playful ‘selfie shootout’ between basketball legend Kobe Bryant and football star Lionel Messi. While technically an ad, it incorporates elements of travel safety subtly embedded within the humorous narrative, illustrating the airline’s global reach.

3. Turkish Airlines “Widen Your World” ad starring Morgan Freeman


In this Turkish Airlines commercial which was featured in the Super Bowl in 2017, Morgan Freeman elegantly narrates the wonders of travel and the extensive network of the airline, inviting viewers to explore the world with Turkish Airlines.

4. Leo Messi vs Kobe Bryant – Legends on Board Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines’ commercial that features Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi competing for a kid’s attention.

5. Turkish Airlines Safety Video featuring superstars of Manchester United


This Turkish Airlines Safety Video features Manchester United stars humorously demonstrating safety procedures, blending their football prowess with essential flight safety guidelines. The video features Wayne Rooney, Darren Fletcher, Chris Smalling, Nani, Rafael and Fabio da Silva.

6. Turkish Airlines commercial featuring Dr. Oz


Dr. Oz stars in Turkish Airlines’ Super Bowl commercial in 2018. In the 90-second commercial, Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Oz, on board a Turkish Airlines aircraft, remarks, “There is a world of miracles inside our bodies,” and emphasizes the five human senses.

7. Türkiye: A Country Of Wonders featuring Kerem Bürsin


Turkish Airlines (THY) is extending an invitation to the entire world to discover the treasures of Türkiye through its latest commercial, featuring the talented actor Kerem Bürsin.

What are your thoughts on these Turkish Airlines’ videos; which one captured your attention the most? Comment below!

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