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Turkish Airlines Introduces In-Flight Internet on Domestic Flights


Turkish Airlines (THY) has announced the introduction of in-flight internet services on its domestic flights.

The announcement was made by THY’s General Manager, Bilal Ekşi, through his social media post where he expressed his pleasure in offering internet access to passengers. This move marks a new era of connectivity for travelers flying within Turkey, enhancing their travel experience.

The in-flight internet service will be available throughout the duration of the flight, allowing passengers to stay connected with the outside world while soaring thousands of feet in the air. This is particularly beneficial for business travelers and those needing to stay in touch with family, friends, or colleagues during their journey. The service is not just limited to browsing; passengers can choose from two different internet packages tailored to their needs.

THY passengers looking to avail of this service can purchase the unlimited messaging package for 150 Turkish Lira (approx. USD 5). This package is designed for passengers who wish to stay connected via text messages, emails, and other messaging platforms. For those requiring more extensive internet access, THY offers an unlimited internet package priced at 350 Turkish Lira (approx. USD 11.60). This comprehensive package is ideal for passengers who need to browse the web, stream videos, or engage in activities requiring more data.

The introduction of in-flight internet on domestic flights is a strategic move by Turkish Airlines to enhance its service offerings and improve passenger satisfaction. It also aligns with the global trend of providing connectivity solutions to passengers, making air travel more enjoyable and productive. This service distinguishes THY from other domestic carriers in Turkey, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.

THY’s commitment to improving passenger experience does not stop here. The airline has been consistently innovating and adding value to its services. In recent years, THY has upgraded its fleet, expanded its route network, and introduced various customer-centric services, making it one of the leading airlines in the region. The introduction of in-flight internet is another step towards consolidating its position as a customer-focused and forward-thinking airline.

The announcement has been well-received by passengers and industry experts alike. It is seen as a positive step towards modernizing air travel in Turkey and keeping up with the technological advancements in the aviation industry. The availability of internet access on flights is not just a luxury but is becoming a necessity for many travelers, especially in today’s digitally connected world.

As Turkish Airlines continues to expand and evolve, it remains focused on delivering high-quality services and innovative solutions to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. The introduction of in-flight internet on domestic flights is just one example of how the airline is working towards this goal. It is expected that this new service will not only attract more passengers but also set a new standard for in-flight services in the region.

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