José Mourinho featured at Turkish Airlines commercial

Checkmate on High: Mourinho’s Turkish Airlines Chess Victory

Turkish Airlines has recently launched another captivating advertising campaign featuring José Mourinho.

The commercial is geared towards promoting their role as the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League 2024 Final in London.

In this creative advertisement, Mourinho is shown mastering a chess game while enjoying the premium in-flight services of Turkish Airlines.

The scene symbolizes strategic thinking and victory, mirroring the intense competition of football at the Champions League level.

Mourinho is also seen savoring the gourmet offerings from the airline’s Business Class menu.

Simultaneously, he watches a live UEFA Champions League match, highlighting the luxury and exclusivity of the airline’s service.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, expressed immense pride in their association with the UEFA Champions League. “Our sponsorship reflects our commitment to excellence and our passion for the global sports stage,” he commented.

The ad not only showcases Turkish Airlines’ high standards of service but also aligns the brand with the prestige of international sports events. Mourinho, echoing this sentiment, stated, “Partnering with Turkish Airlines, a leader in the aviation industry, enhances both our reputations for quality and victory.”

Through this collaboration, Turkish Airlines aims to project its image as a top choice for sports enthusiasts and luxury travelers alike. Mourinho’s endorsement serves to fortify the airline’s status as Europe’s leading carrier.

Do you remember any other Turkish Airlines’ commercial? We chose our most memorable Turkish Airlines’ videos. Which ones you remember?

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