Wembley Stadium in London will host the 2024 Champions League final on Saturday 1 June

Champions League Final: High Flight Costs for Real Madrid Fans

Real Madrid has reached the Champions League final again, after beating Bayern Munich in a thrilling match yesterday night at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid.

The final match against Borussia Dortmund will be played on June 1, 2024, at Wembley Stadium in London.

Fans, who want to watch the game at the stadium, are facing high costs for flights. This is because many waited for Real Madrid to reach the final before booking flights.

Websites that compare flight prices show that costs are increasing. For example, eDreams listed a round-trip flight from Madrid to London at 601 euros on May 6. By May 9, the price had risen to between 868 and 940 euros.

Skyscanner showed similar trends with prices starting at 459 euros and rising to 628 euros. Also, Iberia’s cheaper seats have sold out, leaving only expensive business class seats available.

To save money, some fans might consider flights with a stopover. Fly-go offered a flight with an eight-hour stopover in Barcelona for 331 euros on May 6. By May 9, this option’s price had increased to over 400 euros.

As the game day approaches, Real Madrid fans must decide if the high cost is worth seeing the match live. This decision is difficult as prices continue to rise.

Football fans, have you seen the Turkish Airlines’ commercial about the final game?

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