SmartMic language translation devices at Turkish Airlines check in counters

Turkish Airlines Introduces SmartMic for Seamless Multilingual Support

Turkish Airlines has unveiled a SmartMic language translation service within the airports it operates. This service is designed to simplify interactions for passengers seeking guidance and information about their flights and services, particularly for those who do not speak English.

At the heart of this initiative are the SmartMic language translation devices, now available at select airports throughout Turkey / Turkiye.

These devices empower non-English-speaking passengers to effortlessly communicate with Turkish Airlines staff in their native languages.

The SmartMic supports an impressive array of 52 languages and 72 accents, allowing passengers to speak into the device in their language, which is then translated into the staff member’s first language.

Both parties can track the conversation in real-time thanks to a seven-inch screen on each side of the device, ensuring that passengers receive the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

Turkish Airlines has deployed some 100 SmartMic devices across its primary hub in Istanbul and several regional Turkish airports, including Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, and Izmir.

Bilal Ekşi, CEO of Turkish Airlines, expressed the company’s commitment to bridging the world and making travel accessible to all.

“We are thrilled to introduce the SmartMic device, enabling our passengers to converse with our staff in their own language during their journey through Turkey,” Ekşi stated.

He emphasized the airline’s goal of providing a seamless travel experience regardless of passengers’ nationalities and expressed hope that the SmartMic devices would make travels with Turkish Airlines even more pleasurable.

Emre ÇevikEmre Çevik, Manager, Product & Service Management Department at Turkish Airlines in September 2023 announced the start of the pilot program for the real-time translation service.

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Turkish Airlines plans to expand the use of SmartMic devices across its global network throughout 2024.

Turkish Airlines, already reaching 129 countries and 345 destinations across five continents, is preparing to connect its passengers to Australia with the inaugural flight from Istanbul to Melbourne on March 15, 2024.

Turkish Airlines also received flight permission for Sydney and Perth in addition to Melbourne in Australia. Flights to these destinations will be announced soon.

This addition will mark the airline’s connection to its 130th country and sixth continent, reaffirming its position as a global leader that flies to most countries in the world.

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