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Vienna Airport Served 23.7m Passengers in 2022

Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) announced the successful comeback of the aviation sector in 2022.

Flughafen Wien Group served to 30.1 million passengers in 2022 of which 23.7 million travelers at Vienna Airport; more than double the figure for 2021 (25% below the record level of 2019).

“Aviation was back again in the year 2022. Passenger volume at Vienna Airport more than doubled and is now at about 75% of the pre-crisis level. Particularly in the travel-intensive summer season, we displayed a very high quality of flight operations thanks to the extensive commitment of our employees. This was reflected in several international awards and quality analyses.

According to the aviation organisation OAG, Vienna Airport was the third most punctual airport with more than 20 million passengers in all of Europe in 2022, ahead of Munich, Zurich and Frankfurt. We look ahead to 2023 with optimism. Airlines and flight connections are returning, the long-haul offering is continuously being expanded, and initial announcements made by airlines indicate an attractive summer flight schedule with many new flight offerings. For this reason, we expect further growth to 26-27 million passengers at Vienna Airport.

For this purpose, we are continuing our quality drive and are resuming work on the Terminal 3 Southern Enlargement project put on hold the years of the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers can expect greater comfort at the airport on approx. 70,000 m² of additional terminal space with new shopping, food and beverage and lounge offerings. This creates a top league new terminal environment!” states Julian Jäger, Member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.

“Vienna Airport is on the path to success once again”

“Vienna Airport is back on its path to success. The number of employees at the Vienna Airport site will increase by about 800 people compared to the previous year and by approx. 250 at Vienna Airport. For the first time in decades, Flughafen Wien AG is debt-free and can finance planned investments from its own cash flow. The net profit for 2022 is expected to equal over € 150 million, revenue should rise to approx. € 830 million, and EBITDA will once again surpass € 325 million.

Investments of about € 135 million will be close to double the prior-year level and encompass the expansion of photovoltaic capacities. After three years of not distributing any dividend at all due to the coronavirus pandemic, a dividend for 2022 will be distributed to shareholders and employees once again. The previous guidance of a guidance equalling at least 60% of the net profit after non-controlling interests is confirmed.

Climate protection is a top priority at Vienna Airport. In 2023, the airport will increase its existing solar power capacities from 26 hectares at present to 45 hectares, covering 40% of its total electricity requirements. Moreover, the airport has already been operating in a CO₂-neutral manner since the beginning of 2023,” says a pleased Günther Ofner, Member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG.

30.1 million passengers (-23.9% vs. 2019) handled by the Flughafen Wien Group in 2022

The Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport and the international strategic investments in Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) reported an increase of passenger traffic in the year 2022 to a total of 30,072,961 travellers, comprising a rise of 129.3% year-on-year. However, passenger traffic in 2022 was still down close to 24% from the pre-crisis level of 2019.

23.7 million passengers at Vienna Airport from January-December 2022

Vienna Airport also registered a rise in the number of passengers it handled in the year 2022, recording a total of 23,682,133 travellers, up 127.6% from the previous year. The number of takeoffs and landings was up to 188,412 in the period January to December 2022. The average capacity utilisation of the aircraft (seat load factor) increased from 62.5% in 2021 to 77.6% in 2022 (2019: 77.3%). Cargo volume (air cargo and trucking) showed a downward development, declining by 4.1% in the year 2022 to 250,637 tonnes

Development of international strategic investments

The international strategic investments of the Flughafen Wien Group also showed strong growth in 2022. Malta Airport reported a passenger volume of 5,851,079 travellers in 2022, representing a rise of 130.3% from the previous year but a drop of 20.0% from the pre-crisis level of 2019. Kosice Airport handled 539,749 passengers in 2022, comprising a year-on-year increase of 224.1%, thus only 2.8% below the pre-crisis year of 2019.

Traffic guidance for 2023

The Flughafen Wien Group expects 32-34 million passengers in the entire group (Vienna Airport and the international strategic investments in Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) in 2023 and 26-27 million passengers at Vienna Airport.

Financial guidance for 2023

Due to the positive outlook, the consolidated net profit for the year 2023 is anticipated to improve to over € 150 million against the backdrop of revenue of about € 830 million and EBITDA of at least € 325 million. Investments are expected to increase to approx. € 135 million. All investments will be financed from the cash flow without the need for borrowings.

Dividend guidance

The Management Board confirms the previous dividend guidance for 2022, calling for a dividend of at least 60% of the consolidated net profit for the year after non-controlling interests to be distributed.

The current guidance is based on the assumption that there will be no further pandemic-related lockdowns or massive restrictions on flight traffic. The further, unpredictable course of the war in Ukraine at present and its impacts on flight traffic continue to be a further reason for uncertainty.

Terminal 3 Southern Enlargement project adds 70,000 m² of leisure areas and enhanced travel comfort

In order to improve service quality for the benefit of its passengers, Vienna Airport is once again resuming its “Terminal 3 Southern Enlargement” investment project which was temporarily put on hold as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis. The building extension of Terminal 3 will offer approx. 70,000 m² of comfortable leisure and lounge areas as well as additional bus gates and extensive additional space for new shops as well as food and beverage facilities featuring more than 30 new outlets. Particular emphasis will be placed on Austrian food and local brands. The new building will also provide for convenient transfer connections between the F, G and D gates. The central security screening from Terminal 3 will be located in the new T3 Southern Enlargement in the future, thus creating even more leisure areas. Construction work is scheduled to begin in the middle of 2023. The new southern section should be put into operation in 2027. Passengers will enjoy a new travel experience against the backdrop of a modern atmosphere.

Vienna Airport is a “green airport”

Vienna Airport is determinedly pressing ahead with its sustainability strategy in 2023. The airport has already reached its sustainability targets in 2023 which were originally planned for the year 2030 and has been operating the airport in a CO₂ neutral manner since January 2023. The area dedicated to the airport’s own production of electricity from solar power will be doubled from 26 hectares at the present time to about 45 hectares, corresponding to approx. 100,000 installed solar panels. This will allow the airport to cover about 40% of its entire electricity needs.

Traffic development December 2022:

Flughafen Wien Group: 2.4 million passengers in December 2022

In December 2022, the number of passengers handled by the Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport, Kosice Airport) equalled 2,371,161 travellers (+98.8% vs. 2021). This represents a decline of only 20.1% compared to the pre-crisis level of December 2019.

Vienna Airport: 1.9 million passengers in December 2022

The number of passengers handled by Vienna Airport in the month of December 2022 was also significantly higher at 1,922,357 (+108.6%) than in the previous year. Accordingly, passenger traffic was only 22.1% below the comparable level reported in the pre-crisis month of December 2019.

Traffic results in detail

The number of local passengers at Vienna Airport climbed 117.1% from the previous year to 1,545,137 travellers, whereas transfer passenger traffic rose to 369,522 (+79.6%). The number of flight movements in December 2022 rose to 15,102 (+29.6%). In contrast, cargo volume at Vienna Airport fell by 16.2% from the comparable figure of December 2021 to 20,068 tonnes. 

The total number of passengers at Vienna Airport flying to destinations in Western Europe was up by 114.5% to 637,189 in December 2022 from the prior-year level, whereas Eastern European traffic increased to a total of 169,893 passengers (+66.4%). Passenger traffic to North America equalled 24,750 passengers (+76.3%), and the number of passengers flying to Africa rose to 27,285 (+71.1%). Passenger volume to the Middle East rose to 75,311 travellers in December 2022 (+149.7%) and to 31,160 passengers flying to East Asian destinations (+194.2%).

Development of international strategic investments

The international strategic investments of the Flughafen Wien Group posted a strong recovery in the year 2022. In December 2022, Malta Airport reported an increase in passenger volume to 421,468 travellers (+65.6%) compared to the previous year, whereas the total number of passengers handled at Kosice Airport climbed to 27,336 (+63.5)

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