“Small Ships and Yachts are Trending for 2019 Like Boutique Hotels”

Small ships and yachts are trending for 2019 like boutique hotels, according to an executive at cruise industry.

Speaking recently at the International Cruise Summit in Madrid, Yiannis Vontas, Executive Vice President & Partner, Variety Cruises, stated, “Small ships and yachts are trending for 2019 like boutique hotels”.

“Passengers, particularly ones that have cruised before, are ready to surrender cabin size, gourmet cuisine, calling at four or five different countries, choice of food outlets, and clubs, for the chance to experience something new and exciting,” commented Yiannis Vontas. “What they really desire is to be immersed in the destinations, with the privacy and pampering that comes on a private Yacht.”

Vontas also pointed out other small ship advantages that are luring a rapidly growing number of small ship passengers, including access to small ports not accessible to large ships, the 2 to 1 passenger to crew ratio and more time to explore the destination.

Variety Cruises Expands its Destinations for 2019:

In 2019, Variety Cruises will begin cruising to the Caribbean, the Red Sea including Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, and Bali and Indonesia. These new routes are in addition to Greece and the Greek Islands, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, Spain and Portugal, Iceland, Costa Rica and Panama, Cuba, the Cape Verde Islands, the Rivers of West Africa, and the Seychelles.

The Variety Cruises Difference 

  • ·  Private Yacht Cruise Experience, with no more than 72 fellow passengers
  • ·  Boutique-size yachts that dock right in ports not accessible by large ships
  • ·  Carefully crafted itineraries focused on the destination
  • ·  Ample leisure time in each port including overnights
  • ·  Mediterranean fusion cuisine with a strong local influence depending on the destination
  • ·  Personalized service on board provided by experienced and finely trained crew
  • ·  Small group shore excursions – Immersion in the destination
  • ·  Swimming platforms allowing guests to swim, snorkel, kayak and more
  • ·  Yacht Deck Barbecues & Private Events on shore


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