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CannX Tel Aviv assures a Bright Future for Medical Cannabis

CannX, for the fourth time, brought the scientific, business and agricultural divisions working on medical cannabis together in Israel. Held on 9-10 September 2019, CannX Tel Aviv is breaking the boundaries in medical and cannabis events with the first CME certified meeting.

This year’s event was a milestone for medical cannabis meetings, providing CME credits. While this is a quality stamp for CannX, it is a major step for the field showing a promising future ahead, where doctors who treat with medical cannabis can be acknowledged and accredited for their development.

The event also noted a great increase in participating companies and start-ups, that further show the growing importance of medical cannabis. During the event, a political panel of national legislators discussed the regulatory aspects for cannabis and predicting that within five or six years, CBD related cannabinoids will be legalized in most countries worldwide.

The meeting was smartly wrapped around technological innovations being kicked-off with an engaging opening presentation, where the speaker did not have slides, but was actually a part of the whole experience, through the help of augmented reality (AR). The technology at CannX 2019 also included an intelligent app with artificial intelligence (AI) which could suggest the best match for meetings between delegates. And if they got too overwhelmed by the education and exhibition, all participants could take a break at the Cann Zen area, which offered a virtual reality (VR) meditation experience.

Keren Shurkin, Director of Original Events at Kenes Group commented: “As long as cannabis remains a plant that is being prescribed the three elements of science, business and agriculture need to be discussed in unison. We are honored to be involved and help provide the right playground for all three types of professionals to advance their work in the field.

Yael Meir, COO of Cann10, Israel added: “Thank you and congrats for a top-notch professional conference! Your dedication and attention to detail were well shown in every detail, every session! Well done!”

CannX is the global meeting point for medical cannabis experts offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, building brand awareness and launching new products, all delivered in an innovative way. CannX Series focus on presenting the latest and truly ground-breaking developments in research, business, agriculture, and technology, with events currently in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, and Sao Paulo.

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