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Everyone has the capacity for happiness, learn How to Turn On Happiness and Turn Off Anxiety

In her 20-year career as a counselor working with patients with anxiety and depression and teaching special needs students, Norma Nikutowski learned a universal truth: everyone has the capacity for happiness, it’s just a matter of turning it on and keeping it on.

In her new book, Turn Your Happiness ON (Spring Rain Publishing), the Argentinian-born Nikutowski delves into what happiness is, the detours people take in trying to achieve it, the role positive thinking plays in happiness, the habits of happy people and much more. She also points out that happy people not only live longer but research also shows that they make more money and are more productive than their unhappier counterparts.

“This practical and fun book helps us discover that we all have the capacity to feel happiness as a welcome part of our lives. Norma shows us how to turn it on and keep happiness shining brightly and bring more joy into the world.” – Cristina Smith, award-winning author of the Yoga for the Brain series

“Turn Your Happiness ON is a must-read book for everyone, from high school students to entrepreneurs. To be successful in any area of your life, you need to find happiness. Norma Nikutowski can show you the steps and guide you to living a life full of happiness and enjoyment.” – Wanny Huynh, author of HOPE: Finding the Path Toward Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity and Enjoyment.

Norma Nikutowski grew up in Argentina as the child of parents who were overly concerned about her safety. She has a degree in psychology and has spent several decades counseling patients with anxiety and depression to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. After coming to the U.S. as an adult, she has also worked as a special education teacher helping students and families focus on achieving yearly and long-term goals. Turn Your Happiness ON: How to Light Up Your Days and Fill Your Life with Joy is her first book. To buy her book, click here

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