Majorca thermal hotel

Majorca Stands Out As A Wellness Island

Internationally recognised for its health and beauty treatments, Majorca has established itself as a wellness destination and an ‘island of serenity’.

The island has cutting-edge facilities and services set in an idyllic natural environment, as well as more traditional treatments such as Roman, Greek and Arab baths dating back centuries. Today, Majorca has inherited wellness therapies in its spas through thalassotherapy, thermal, classic and innovative treatments to help revive body and soul.

Spas & Spa Therapies

Majorcan wellness can be found in thermal, beauty and thalassotherapy spas that ensure a unique and unforgettable experience of physical and mental well-being. The wide variety of hotel spas and professional wellness institutes across the island makes the destination stand out.

In Majorca’s spas, visitors can enjoy aesthetic and relaxation treatments, with fresh water being a key element, to which natural ingredients are usually added to maximise the effects. Some of them offer packages where accommodation is included if treatments are the main reason for holidaying on the island.

Another option is to enjoy the mineral-medicinal waters of the spa that is located in the municipality of Campos at the Fontsanta Hotel Thermal Spa & Wellness. This facility is run by medical professionals, the spring water with its sodium chlorine and other healing minerals has been used for centuries for therapeutic conditions, such as the treatment of rheumatism, osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Thalassotherapy, magnet therapy or chocolate wrappings…

The list of health and beauty treatments on the island is endless due to the cosmopolitan character of Majorca. The options in the well-being centres vary from conventional therapies with sea water to more innovative ones incorporating reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture, kinesiology, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, ozone therapy, holistic massage, body peeling with chocolate, orange peel or coffee, silk or red grape wrapping and hot stones massages.

In the thalassotherapy centres there is a range of treatments that characterised by using seawater, algae, mud and other minerals extracted from the sea for therapeutic purposes and always under medical supervision.

In addition there is also a wide range of classic beauty treatments. To learn more about where to find the best wellness services in see and how to disconnect your body and soul from the stresses of everyday life. Ideal for leisure, bleisure or as part of a reviving MICE itinerary.

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