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Meetings industry needs more Healthy Venues to improve health quality of delegates


Corporations and Associations increasingly put attention to health promoting issues during conferences and meetings as part of their attempts to keep delegates well and healthy. tmf dialogue marketing, a specialist communication agency in the global meetings space announced World Obesity’s launch of their new concept of “Healthy Venues” and will champion these new concepts in the meetings industry supply chain moving forwards.

Johanna Fischer, managing director of tmf dialogue, stresses the importance of this topic, “We think that the question of how to improve health quality and access to offers for delegates of international events is gaining much importance, due to increased stress levels of employees and resulting health problems – which then lead to high cost burdens for employers.“

She continues: “The meetings industry should be more aware that both corporations and associations build up momentum of how to protect their delegates from unfavorable health impacts during travel to intl. congresses. Improved offers can also support winning congresses and meetings in the future. tmf dialogue treats this topic as high priority, therefore we are happy to support World Obesity in promoting their programme. We are very proud to be part of this important initiative!“

Millions of people regularly take part in conferences, meetings and other events every year. According to the World Obesity, the number amounts to 225 million attendees per year only in the US! The problem is that too little emphasis is set on the fact that these events cause health issues through travel and unhealthy habits during the days of attendance. Promoting health and well-being within Conference Venues is therefore something that should have more focus put on. For this reason, World Obesity has launched the “Healthy Venues” award.

World Obesity’s Head of Events Natasha Joyner explains, “With the new Healthy Venues award we want to minimise the negative health impacts of conference-going, and use the opportunity of people stepping outside of their routine to nudge them towards healthier choices by improving the health footprint – “healthprint” of the venue. Healthy Venues will look holistically at the attendee experience, from providing healthier food options to encouraging more physical activity in and around the venue with the health benefits being communicated to attendees.

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In addition to an improved healthprint in the venue, Healthy Venue Award holders will provide all planners with some practical ideas on how to incorporate healthier behaviours into their programmes, thus engendering change from all angles.

We are very pleased to have an organization of tmf dialogue marketing’s calibre join us as Champions of this programme. Their industry experience can help us expand the reach of this programme, which is very exciting.”

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