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Silent travel is sparking a wellness trend offering ways to disconnect

Conde Nast Traveller explains why silent travel is the wellness trend that will prove to be just what we need from our travels in 2024. In overstimulated times, silence is a hot commodity. So it might not come as too much of a surprise to see the rise of silent travel in 2024 – from retreats to digital detox cabins and more.

Why is silent travel gaining traction?

One of the major reasons for the rise of this trend is the growing awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being. Taking time to seek out silence and solitude can be a powerful antidote to these pressures.

Another factor driving this trend is the desire for authentic and meaningful travel experiences. This can be obtained from simple things such as watching the sunrise over a quiet mountain or listening to the waves on a beach.

Technology also plays a role in the rise of silent travel. While advanced technology has made our lives convenient, it also led to notifications and alerts. When people want to get away from it, they opt instead for destinations where they can unplug and disconnect from the digital world.

Silent meditation retreats are an increasingly popular wellness trend, but silent travel also encompasses secluded nature resorts, quiet hotels, silent walking tours, and even silent disco and concert experiences.

quiet places to visit and stay for silent travel

Why will it matter in 2024?

With the Global Wellness Institute forecasting a 21% increase in wellness tourism in the next two years, what better counter to the chaos of our always-on lives than silence? Silent travel is also part of a move towards more sustainable tourism. Quiet Parks International for example, offers unique nature experiences in dedicated quiet spaces, reducing noise pollution for the surrounding wildlife.

Silent travel opportunities abound in 2024. A silent retreat in Portugal (with Innate) or Italy (with Mandali). More adventurous silent-seekers can trek the peaceful Japanese Kumano Kodo trail. For a tailor-made silent experience, Black Tomato’s Blink camp offers luxury accommodation in the world’s most remote settings, while its Get Lost programme promises to help you find yourself by getting lost in a far-flung location.

Whether you want to completely disconnect in the wilderness or just spend an hour or two soaking up the benefits of silence, here are some quiet places and activities around the world will help you cultivate a deeper sense of calm, as recommended by TripAdvisor.

Ring in the New Year silently in Bali

New Year’s Eve parties can be boisterous, sure, but the Balinese mark the occasion with 24 hours of silence. On Nyepi Day which is the Balinese Day of Silence, which falls on the third day of a six-day festival celebrating the Balinese new year in March, everyone in Bali is expected to stay at home and switch off all their lights, the transport network is shut down and the island descends into silence for 24 hours.

Deep dive into underwater sounds on a luxury yacht

Luxury yacht cruise line Ponant boasts the Blue Eye underwater lounge, offering near-total acoustic immersion via hydrophones that transmit the natural symphony of the sea into the lounge. To take the zen immersion one step further, the lounge is also outfitted with Body Listening Sofas that vibrate in unison with the sounds of the ocean to create an underwater experience that taps all the senses.

Experience 10 days of silence on a Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand

Held at retreat centers across the world, Vipassana is a meditation technique taught to new practitioners over the course of 10 days. For the duration of their stay, attendees must remain silent and are not permitted to engage in anything that might distract them from the task at hand including smart phones, books, and exercise (excluding a daily walk outside).

Leave the hustle and bustle behind in Swedish Lapland

The clue is in the name at Peace & Quiet Hotel, a remote getaway in Swedish Lapland where guests stay in luxury glass cabins overlooking a snowy, watery landscape. During the day, local guides lead wilderness expeditions and activities like dog sledding and ice fishing. After dark, warm up at the shared spa before heading back to your cozy cocoon to watch the Northern Lights dance overhead.

Try mindful eating at a silent dinner

Part performance art, part opulent meal, The Silent Dinners is an international event series that invites guests to dine in silence. During the three-course affair, diners are asked to refrain from talking, reading, or using cell phones—all the better to absorb the experience and savor the meal. Since its launch in 2006, The Silent Dinners has hosted 49 meals in 10 countries.

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