Xixim Mundo Imperial

Unveiling Xixim Mundo Imperial: Mexico’s Latest Luxury Wellness Retreat

December 2023 marks the opening of Xixim Mundo Imperial, an exclusive wellness sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.

This new retreat promises a unique blend of luxury, eco-conscious living, and holistic well-being, catering to those seeking a rejuvenating getaway.

Xixim Mundo Imperial stands out as a space of self-discovery and connection. Reborn as a Wellness Inclusive destination, it offers significant experiences enriched by visual, discursive, symbolic, aromatic, ritualistic, and decorative elements. Situated 90 minutes from Mérida airport and a mere 10 kilometers north of Celestún town, Xixim is set in a breathtaking ecological reserve. It boasts a pristine 5-kilometer stretch of white sand beach and a calm, emerald sea, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Pioneering Ecotourism and Wellness for Over a Quarter Century

Having been a pioneer in ecotourism and wellness for 26 years, Xixim returns with a renewed focus on those who wish to reconnect with the essence of life. The retreat is dedicated to supporting the well-being of its guests, with every aspect of the experience designed to foster relaxation and self-reflection.

Sustainable Luxury Accommodations

The Xixim Mundo Imperial suites are a masterpiece of sustainable luxury. Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern eco-techniques like solar energy capture, these suites offer expansive, private spaces. Each of the 32 majestically designed suites combines luxury, romance, and privacy, featuring private terraces and jungle showers. The Master Suites further elevate the experience with bio-pools that offer stunning sea views.

Wellness Experiences in Harmony with Nature

The property provides a comprehensive wellness journey, directed by expert Wellness Facilitators. Guests can choose from over 20 accompanied experiences across 8 laboratories, each focusing on different aspects of wellness. Whether it’s self-directed activities or guided sessions, Xixim offers a personalized approach to rejuvenation.

A Culinary Journey with Chef Israel Loyola

Overseen by Chef Israel Loyola, Xixim’s cuisine is an innovative take on Yucatecan essence. The dining experience is enhanced by the setting of a two-story palapa, connected by a spiral bamboo staircase and overlooking the sea. Here, guests can enjoy culinary delights inspired by Mayan and Spanish heritage while taking in the stunning views of the emerald sea and sunsets.

Embracing Nature as a Guide to Well-being

Xixim Mundo Imperial’s location, with its protected beach and turquoise sea, offers an authentic experience of wellness, recognizing nature as a key component in achieving inner peace and well-being.

Expanding Mundo Imperial’s Presence in Yucatan

Following the success of Wayam Mundo Imperial in 2021, XIXIM expands the Mundo Imperial brand’s presence in Yucatan. This new addition to Celestún, Mexico, is more than just a hotel; it’s a sanctuary where luxury and nature converge to offer an unparalleled wellness experience.

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