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6 Ways to Travel on a Private Jet without Breaking the Bank

Many people think that the costs of hiring a private plane will be extortionate, but private jet chartering is now more affordable than ever before.

Not only is it a valuable form of travel for the most luxurious experience, but there are many benefits to travelling by private jet. Private flights are no longer just for the rich, it is now possible for anyone to travel in luxury and style. 

Fast Private Jet has revealed how you can charter a private jet without spending a fortune and outlined some key benefits of flying privately. 

1. Avoid the stress of airports 

Airports continuously experience delays and this problem has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. With travel restrictions continuously being implemented and changed across the globe, passengers are repeatedly suffering before they even step aboard a plane. Fortunately, by renting a private jet you can avoid queues and crowds and any delays, all because a private plane fits your schedule. 

Commercial flight’s strict schedules also mean that if you miss a flight, or experience delays getting to the airport, you will have to wait for the next available one. Families with young children, and people who have a busy work schedule, could therefore massively benefit from hiring a private jet. Unlike commercial flights, the private jet has the flexibility to wait for you – whether you are stuck in traffic or have a business meeting that overruns. This alleviates any unnecessary stress and pressures associated with travelling and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

2. The more the merrier 

There are many factors that affect how much your private jet will cost – the number of travellers, the model of jet, and the distance travelled during the trip. Therefore the more people you travel with, the cheaper the jet will be. By dividing the price of the private jet charter among all passengers you will quickly see a reduction in the overall cost. This is because the rental price of a private jet is by total and not per passenger, so the more people you bring aboard, the cheaper it will work out. 

3. The cheapest jet travel is empty leg flights.

The best way to cut costs even further is to travel on an empty leg flight. An empty leg flight is when a private jet returns to its local airport empty, is a one-way flight or is relocating to another stop. The best candidates for these types of flights are one-way trip flyers with an open agenda or those with an open schedule.

The best way to seek out these flights is to ask for any availability within the planes travelling that day at your local airport, or you can create alerts on your phone via specific apps and websites.

4. The smaller the jet, the less you pay 

Smaller jets are the cheapest private aircraft models that you can rent. Although these planes can only accommodate a few passengers and travel shorter distances, they are ideal for those travelling for business or people travelling European routes or within countries.

5. Book early 

There are many benefits of booking your private flight early – not only can you determine what your in-flight experience will look like but you can also choose the aircraft and cabin type. By booking in advance you will also save on the charter costs as the plane can prepare for your journey in advance. 

6. Avoid peak times 

During major holidays and weekends, the travel demand is high and therefore you should expect to pay more for your private jet. These peak travel times are very popular and the demand for private jets will be higher. You should book and plan your excursion to get the best deal. For those with younger children, this is a bonus – last-minute family holidays out of peak times will mean that availability will be on your side and most likely the jets will be cheaper.

Travelling by private jet is no longer exclusively for the super-rich, many people can now experience the luxury and opulent life that comes with flying privately. 

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