Fettah Tamince and Erkan Yildirim during Africa Tourism Forum

Rixos Hotels Plans Major Expansion in Egypt by 2030

At the Africa Tourism Forum 2024, Fettah Tamince, the founder of Rixos Hotels, engaged with the press to discuss the future of global tourism and strategic destinations.

By 2030, Rixos aims to expand its room capacity to 50,000, with a significant focus on Egypt.

Tamince emphasized that the growth of Turkey’s tourism sector requires more than just “sea, sand, and sun.” Complementary factors are crucial for sustained success. He also shared insights into his hectic schedule and travels, outlining Rixos’ strategic goals.

Fettah Tamince meet with press in Egypt

When asked about new projects, Tamince highlighted the Tersane Istanbul project as particularly significant. “We plan to open a substantial part of it this year, God willing. It has many unique features, but let’s not delve into the details here,” he said.

Tamince then shifted focus to Egypt, recounting his first visit to Sharm El Sheikh in 2002. Since then, Rixos has worked tirelessly, opening their first facility in 2012 after a decade of effort. Now, Rixos is poised to become the largest hotel group in Egypt with their upcoming projects.

“Egypt holds immense tourism potential. We aim to promote Egypt extensively, involving our partners, media, and acquaintances. The more we contribute to Egypt’s tourism maturity, the more successful we become. Egypt’s success is our success,” Tamince stated. He praised local partners and government support, expressing gratitude for their facilitation and trust in the Rixos brand.

Currently, Rixos operates 11 hotels with 7,000 rooms. Tamince emphasized the importance of room count over hotel number, revealing plans to expand a new location to 4,000 rooms within two years, rivaling the tourism capacity of some entire countries.

Fettah Tamince and Erkan Yıldırım reveals projects of Rixos Hotels

Erkan Yıldırım, a key figure in Rixos’ expansion, elaborated on the future plans: “In three years, we aim to have five more hotel projects, totaling 16 hotels and 12,000 rooms.”

The Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh project is being opened in phases, with an eventual 4,000 rooms. Yıldırım detailed the unique aspects of this development, which includes integrated living spaces, shopping, shows, entertainment, and renowned brand restaurants. The complex will feature various hotel brands, including the premium Rixos line, and a large convention center. A notable attraction will be Egypt’s largest and most distinctive water park, slated for completion in the next 1.5 to 2 years.

As Rixos Hotels continues its aggressive expansion and enhancement of its offerings, the focus remains on delivering quality and integrated experiences to meet the evolving demands of global tourism.

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