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SITA Acquires Materna IPS

SITA announced its acquisition of Materna IPS, a leader in passenger handling for airports and airlines.

The acquisition will reshape the entire aviation industry, creating the world’s most powerful passenger portfolio for airports and digital travel.

With air traffic set to double by 2040, airports and airlines must deliver smoother passenger experiences. SITA’s acquisition is a vital part of its focus on innovation and reinventing travel to meet industry demands for increased terminal capacities and best-in-class secure solutions. This will lead to easier travel for all passengers.

Materna IPS’s portfolio allows airports to process more passengers and optimize resources, enhancing the traveler experience. They are market leaders in Self-Bag Drop, with a customer base spanning North America, India, Europe, and Japan. Materna IPS offers secure solutions for all passenger touchpoints, from check-in to baggage claim and boarding.

SITA is already a world leader in passenger self-service solutions at airports. By acquiring Materna IPS, they are enhancing their leadership, especially as airports transform digitally and the market shifts towards Self-Bag Drop. SITA and Materna IPS’s solutions complement each other powerfully. Following the acquisition, SITA will be the undisputed leader in end-to-end solutions at airports.

SITA CEO David Lavorel on tarmac in an airport
SITA CEO David Lavorel

“This is an exciting new era of travel! SITA’s biggest acquisition ever is about to change the landscape of the whole aviation industry,” said David Lavorel, SITA CEO. “By combining our solutions and expertise, we’ll take the passenger journey to a new level of efficiency. Airports and airlines will get the most innovative passenger handling solutions available. Passengers worldwide can look forward to smooth, seamless, and contactless travel.”

Dr. Georg Oschmann, CEO at Materna IPS, said, “As we embark on this exciting journey with SITA, we see boundless potential for growth and development. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, we’ll create unparalleled value in our industry and beyond, using our combined strengths to drive progress and opportunity for everyone.”

This integration will build on Materna IPS’s common use check-in solutions at kiosks, counters, or online, and user-friendly self-bag drop options. This will combine powerfully with SITA’s portfolio of solutions, including biometrics, computer vision, digital travel, and airport operations management.

The acquisition, subject to regulatory approval, is set to transform airports from simple transit hubs to digital, personalized experiences for travelers worldwide. SITA’s vision to reinvent travel and transport is coming to life, boosting its leadership in passenger processing as part of a fast-growth strategy for the years ahead.

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