Exterior view of the new Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico

Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe Opens in Mexico

Celebrating three decades of creating exceptional experiences across hotels, spas, residences, food and retail, Banyan Tree Group, one of the world’s leading multi-brand hospitality groups, announced the opening of its latest property Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico.

Nestled in the serene hills, this exclusive retreat is just 90 minutes from the U.S. border, offering guests a sublime escape with breathtaking views and unparalleled luxury in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s esteemed wine country.

aerial view of the Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe's Winemaker’s Three-bedroom Pool Villa
Winemaker’s Three-bedroom Pool Villa

The resort boasts 30 private pool villas, each offering a sanctuary of peace with modern amenities and spectacular valley views. Guests can choose from various villa types, including the Bliss Pool Villa, Serenity Pool Villa, Harmony Pool Villas, and the expansive Winemaker’s Three-bedroom Pool Villa, each designed to provide a unique and restorative experience.

Restaurant table at Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe, wine and food served

Culinary delights await at seven distinct dining concepts on-site, showcasing a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisines alongside fresh, local ingredients. Aldea, the all-day dining venue, offers a taste of Baja California’s rich culinary landscape, while upcoming fine dining restaurant Cinco will present a menu inspired by Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. Atalaya features contemporary Mexican dishes paired with local wines and craft beers, and Roka offers a family-friendly atmosphere with a focus on Mexican street food favorites.

Wellbeing at the Core of Veya’s Experience

Wellbeing is at the heart of Banyan Tree Veya’s philosophy. The resort introduces guests to a range of exceptional treatments inspired by ancient Asian and local indigenous practices. The Desert Spring hydrotherapy room and the tranquil White Cave for meditation and gentle sound healing are designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

The unique Temazcal ceremony experience, a traditional indigenous ritual, is available to guests seeking an authentic cultural encounter. This, along with the resort’s serene natural surroundings, ensures a holistic approach to wellness.

Temazcal ceremony experience at the Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe
Veya Temazcal Journey

Explore Wellness and Comfort

Whether seeking tranquility or engaging in wellbeing activities, Veya offers over 50 weekly activities led by wellness specialists. Programs like Sleep Regeneration, New Clarity, and Urban Revival address specific wellness goals with tailored treatments and workshops.

Private consultations and spa treatments draw on traditional Asian and local practices, providing therapies that soothe the senses and promote deep relaxation. For a culturally immersive experience, the Temazcal ceremony offers spiritual renewal through traditional practices.

Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe also features an exclusive private winery, the only one of its kind in the Americas, producing Grenache grape wines that perfectly complement the soul-nourishing cuisine offered at the resort.

For more information about the hotel and reservations visit hotel’s website or Booking.com

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