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Iberia announces “Infinita” card for its best customers

Iberia has taken its Iberia Plus programme a step further by creating its most exclusive loyalty card ever, the lifetime Infinita, issued to customers who have shown the most loyalty to the airline over the past 20 years. Valid for life, the Infinita confers the highest level of benefits on customers and their companions on every flight.

The new card, issued in normal and “Prime” versions, enables Iberia to show its gratitude to customers who in some cases fly more than 350,000 miles per year with Iberia Group airlines, and who have been members of the Iberia Plus loyalty scheme for al least 20 of the 24 years since its founding, 10 of them as Platinum cardholders, and who have flown with Iberia around 1,000 times.

Of the more than six million members of the Iberia Plus frequent flyers programme, only 105 have been issued the Infinita Prime card, many of them at a special ceremony at which Iberia’s chairman Luis Gallego thanked them for their loyalty.

Each of the 105 has earned more than 200,000 Elite Points since joining the Iberia Plus programme, and now they and their companions will enjoy the top level of benefits on every flight, regardless of the seating class and the number of times they fly with Iberia in the future.

Benefits of Iberia Plus Infinita Prime

Along with all the other advantages, holders of Infinita Prime cards will have their own exclusive 24-hour call centre, the right to check in at business class counters at Madrid airport, VIP lounge privileges and fast-track boarding for up to four companions, four free upgrades per year on flights with Iberia, Iberia Express, and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum; VIP parking in Madrid and Barcelona; limousine service at several airports depending on fares; a larger luggage allowance on all oneworld airline flights; priority boarding; 100% bonus Avios on all Iberia Group flights and those of several other oneworld airlines; two Iberia Plus Gold cards issued to people designated by the Infinita Prime cardholder; exemption from all charges for changing flights or requesting refunds for tickets purchased directly from Iberia; invitations to exclusive events; lifetime “Emerald” status –the top– with oneworld airlines. And the Avios earned by Infinita Prime cardholders never expire.

Another 700 customers who have collected at least 125,000 Elite Points will soon be receive their Iberia Plus Infinita cards. They will have access to an exclusive 24-hour call centre, plus 100% bonus Avios; two upgrades per year in certain seating classes; an Iberia Plus Gold card issued to the person they designate, as of a certain level of Elite Points; and lifetime Platinum privileges, including VIP lounges, fast-track boarding, free seat reservations, and stand-by priority. They will also enjoy lifetime Emerald status –the highest there is– on flights with all oneworld airlines. Lastly, their Avios never expire.

Infinita cardholders can ascend to Infinita Prime when they reach a total of 200,000 Avios earned on Iberia flights as members of the Iberia Plus programme.

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